Monday, April 24, 2017

The TBI Installation is Complete.

Installing the Air Cleaner.

At first the air cleaner looked like it was going to give me a lot of trouble.
Here are the air cleaner parts that I got from Bob.
The big canister houses the actual air cleaner. The other aluminum thing is the plenum which connects on top of the TBI. There is also a bracket that Bob used on his setup and some flex tubing. 


After scrutinizing the parts, I decided that all I really needed to do was to modify Bob’s bracket a little and the air cleaner should fit right in.

Here is the bracket bolted on. After several modifications I finally got it right.


The canister is strapped to this bracket with some very large hose clamps.

Here it is installed and running


this is the old system for comparison.


Thanks Bob.

I want to thank Bob for all the support and the spare parts. This would have been a lot more expensive and a lot harder to do with out Bob’s parts and help.

Now, I just have to take the van to the muffler shop to get the exhaust pipe welded.

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