Saturday, April 15, 2017

TBI System the Fuel Pump.


The Fuel Pump.

The plan for yesterday was to install the high pressure electric fuel pump and the fuel return line. 

Fuel Return.

The TBI uses a circulating fuel system. The fuel is pumped from the tank to the TBI under high pressure.
The fuel that isn’t used in running the engine returns to the tank through the fuel return line.
The van doesn’t have a return line but fortunately the tank does have a fitting for a fuel return line.
To get to the fitting the fuel tank has to be dropped. Ideally the tank should be empty when you do this.
Of course this tank holds 38 gallons and is about half full.

The big black thing is the tank.


Removing the tank isn’t real hard. There are  four “J” bolts holding it up.
With the floor jack it is easy to remove the nuts and lower the tank.

The tough part is dealing with the filler connection.


Getting the filler pipe and vent disconnected is tough but getting them back on is a real pain in the neck and took forever.

Once the tank was down it took a few minutes to install the rubber line to the fitting on top of the tank. Once that was done the tank was lifted into place and the “J” bolts tightened.
The next hour or more was spent getting the filler pipe connected.

The Fuel Pump and Filter.

The next thing to do was to figure out where to put the pump. I looked at my options and decided that Bob had his in the best place so I installed the fuel pump in the same place he did; against the frame above the rear axel with the filter mounted vertically against the tank.


Return Line.

By the time I had the fuel pump installed it was around 4:30 and I was done for the day. I’ll do the return line and the wiring for the pump on Saturday.

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