Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Back Home Again

Leaving Bakersfield.

We got up at 6:00 am. so we could get on the road by 7:00.
Before we left Patti got a picture of the sunrise over the Kern River.


We have stopped at the River Run RV Park several times over the years and this is the first time we have seen water in the river. That is a testament to all the rain California has gotten this winter.

On the Road.

We left the RV park at 7:05 and headed west on Hwy. 58 until we got to I-5 at Buttonwillow. Here we filled the gas tank on the RV.
I know we are in California now as the tank took around 55 gallons and it cost us about $175.00. Over $1.00 per gallon more here than in Arizona.

After gassing up we headed north on I-5.
Lots of mustard blooming in the fields…


and on the hills.


Mustard, Sheep and Politics.


The ride up I-5 was windy so it was mostly a white knuckle event. Lots of trucks passing and being passed.

Highway 12.

Eventually we made it to Lodi where Highway 12 goes west.
We got on 12 and the wind was still blowing as we made our way to Rio Vista.

Draw Bridge Up.

As we approached the Rio Vista Bridge, the traffic had come to a stop. The draw bridge was going up. Rio Vista Bridge crosses the Sacramento River. The river is higher than we have ever seen it here.

As we waited in line, a large cargo ship went under the bridge heading up river.


The whole operation took about 20 minutes and then we were off again.

We drove through the rolling hills between Rio Vista and Fairfield.


Almost Home.

Eventually we came to I-80 where we turned south for about 4 miles where we got back on Highway 12 continuing west through beautiful Napa and Sonoma Counties.


The vineyards are just beginning to get their leaves.


The Oak tunnels along the highway are just beginning to leaf out.


I think someones rooster got loose.


Home at Last.

We got home at around 2:00.
I turned on the water, Electricity and Gas. Lit the pilot for the water heater and got it going.
We unpacked the essentials; meds, toiletries, etc.

Joanne, Dave and Darlene.

Joanne, Dave and Darlene came by an hour or so after we got home. We sat around and visited for a while, then we went to Mary’s Pizza Shack for supper.
Always good! They make a great Minestrone Soup.

After supper we went back to our place and visited a little more.
They went home about 8:00 and I crashed in my chair until around 9:30 when Patti said that I should wake up and go to bed. Which I did.

It was a long day but I’m glad to be home.

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