Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Cards, An Anniversary Dinner, a little Shooting and lunch at Skull Rock.

Not Doing Much.

We haven’t been doing much since the ride on Tuesday. Most of our friends have gone home and the rest are getting ready for the trip to Moab, Utah.


We had the last card game of the season Thursday night and said good by to those who weren’t going to Utah.

An Anniversary Dinner.

Friday 03/23 was the 34th anniversary of Patti and my first “Date”. To celebrate we went to the River Willow Steakhouse at the Blue Water Casino in Parker.
Dennis and Cheryl M, Dennis and Becky K and Dave and Jo Ann R also went with us.

Patti and I had the Fillet Mignon. It was succulent. The whole meal was great and we all had a good time.   

A Little Shooting.

Saturday, Dennis, Dennis, Bill and I went out to a spot in the desert
to do a little target shooting. We have been trying to do this all season but could not get everyone together until now.

Dennis M. picked me up at around 10:00 and we drove over to Dennis K’s place where Dennis and Bill were ready to go and followed us in Bill’s pickup to one of the many shooting areas north of the golf course.

We found a good spot and set up on the tailgate of Bill’s truck.


There was a good berm here that looks like someone dug it out for a shooting range so we set our targets against the berm.


We spent about an hour blasting away at the clay pigeons with pistols, rifles and a shot gun.

Here is Dennis K shooting Dennis M’s 243 varmint rifle.


Lunch at Skull Rock.

On Monday I was sitting around reading a book and was getting pretty board so I suggested to Patti that we go out to Skull Rock for lunch.
We packed a lunch and by 11:00 we were on the way south on 95. We turned onto Palm Canyon road and headed east.


Bob mentioned that he might camp at Palm Canyon so we drove out the road to the Palm Canyon parking area and found Bob’s Van but Bob was already off on a hike.


We drove back down Palm Canyon road


and turned north onto Queen Canyon Road which is the trail to Skull Rock.


We noticed some Ocotillo’s blooming.


Soon we entered the canyon where Skull Rock is.
I always enjoy this canyon, it has some great rock formations.



Skull Rock.


There were a bunch of ATV’s here when we arrived so we went a little farther along the trail to have lunch.


Big Horn Sheep.

After a while we finished our lunch and headed back down the trail.
We were cruising along when I saw a heard of Big Horn’s grazing along the hill side.


We counted an even dozen sheep. After looking closely at the photo’s I realized that they were all males.

A Little Walk.

As we were driving along, I was looking at the hills on the left and saw a low saddle that looked like it would be easy to walk to the top of the ridge. I pulled over and took a walk while Patti waited in the jeep.


On the ridge I found a good trail so I followed it. The small pile of stones marks the trail.


The trail headed into this beautiful Valley.


I didn’t follow the trail much farther than this. I returned to the jeep.


We continued out the road and headed for home.


That’s always a beautiful ride.


Tuesday morning we drove to Blythe, Ca. to get our Taxes done.
After the taxes we did some shopping at Albertsons for food.
After that we drove across the river to Ehrenburg where we got on the Ehrenburg/ Parker Road and drove north to Parker where we went to Walmart. After Walmart we went to a Chinese restaurant for a big lunch.

Okay, that pretty much catches us up.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Wednesday Ride on Tuesday.


Bill and Eve had some company that were leaving on Wednesday.  They wanted to take them jeeping before they left so it was decided that we could do the Wednesday ride on Tuesday.


Patti and Bob were in my jeep for the beginning of the ride. Patti sat in the back seat and Bob sat in the front passenger seat. Patti tried to get some pictures from the back seat but it wasn’t working out.
Eventually Patti got into Carl’s Jeep since he was alone today. After just a few minutes Patti called on the radio and said that the battery in her camera was dead so it was up to Bob to take the pictures today.

Therefore all the pictures on todays post are taken by Bob.  

Where To?

The plan was to go the back way to the Desert Bar. The Desert Bar is only open on the weekend but our real destination was the trail that goes there as it is a fun trail with a few interesting spots.

Getting Started.

At 9:00 we were all at the fire station and after a few minutes standing around we headed north on 95.


We drove through Parker and continued on 95 until we got to what we call the five star gas station. Here is where the trail starts so we stopped to air down the tires.


The Trail Starts Out With a Climb.

Pulling out of the parking lot the trail is flat for a short distance.


At the end of the flat spot it goes up a steep rocky area. It looked like Bill was having a little trouble getting over this obstacle


Eventually he put the jeep into 4wheel drive and had no further problems. Being in 4wheel drive helps.Winking smile


Eventually it was our turn.


No problem.

The Next Obstacle.

We got through that one okay and continued along the trail to the next obstacle.


There is a by pass for this obstacle but we seldom take a bypass.
The hill is a little steep with a sharp left turn at the top. We waited for everyone to clear the top of the hill.


Then it was our turn.


We made it over the hill with no issues.

In The Wash.

We followed the trail for a while.


Eventually we turned off the trail and into a wash that we like to drive in.


The wash has a lot of rocks in it.


There are also some tight spots to negotiate.


The wash was fun but eventually we came out of it and back on the trail.


Taking a Break.

We pulled off the trail at a wide spot to take a break. Nice scenery.


After the Break.

After the break we continued across a wide valley and up over a rocky ridge.


The trail is kind of steep and rocky.


Going down the other side was just as rocky.


Lunch at Grey Eagle Mine.

By the time we got to the Grey Eagle Mine it was time for lunch.


Bob wasn’t eating lunch so he walked around and took pictures.

DSC07236Bob walked around the hill on the trail to the mine tunnel.


This particular tunnel is one of the best around for exploring. It is airy, clean and has a couple of levels.

Here is the entrance.


A little ways back in the tunnel is an air and light shaft.


There is  shoot that comes down from one of the upper levels.


There are tracks in this tunnel.


They go back a ways but then go down a steep hill.


After lunch.

After we were finished eating our lunch and exploring around the mine we continued our ride.


We turned off onto a side trail…


that took us to a wide spot with a view.


We hung out here for a while.


Bill drove to the top of the hill to show his friends the view from up there.


Eventually we left here and continued our ride.


After wandering around for a while we dropped into a wash that is called the Deliverance Trail.


This is a fun trail with some rocks.


and some tight spots.


Eventually the trail takes us to the main dirt road that is the front way to the desert bar. We drove on the graded road for a while but then we took a small trail that parallels the main road. This trail is a bit smoother as the main road as it is pretty wash boarded.


Presidents Choice

The trail took us back to the main road right near where the Presidents Choice Trail starts. We turned onto this trail and followed it for a while.


Eventually the trail took us to Highway 95. We got on the highway and drove to Parker where everyone had to do some shopping at Walmart.
While Patti and Bob were in the store I aired up the tires in the parking lot.

Okay that was the Wednesday ride on Tuesday. We had a good time.