Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We are back in Santa Rosa, safe and sound. It took us about 7 hours to get home, arriving just after 6:00 last evening.
Now we have to unload and clean the RV in preparation for putting it in storage until we leave again in December.

Once we get everything done here and I can get my tools loaded, I will be going up to Indian creek to work on the cabin. I hope to spend the weekdays up there and come home on the weekends.
There is no Internet connection or cell phone up there so any blogging that I do will be done on the weekends. I will try to keep you updated on what progress I make on the cabin and any interesting things that happen along the way.
That's the plan but you know, plans are just a list of things that don't work out the way you thought they would.
So stay tuned.

Monday, July 26, 2010


There has been a change of plans.
Patti has somehow put her back out and is in a lot of pain so instead of going up to Gold Beach for 3 days then going home, we are going to go straight home today.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


We haven't been doing much the last couple of days. Patti did laundry yesterday and I did some cleaning in the RV.
Tomorrow we are leaving Brookings and going up to Gold beach. Actually we are going to our favorite camp ground on the Rogue river

(which is actually 14 miles upstream from gold beach) for a few days.

When we were on the boat ride we went under Lobster Creek Bridge.

Our pilot Tommy, mentioned that lobster creek was so named because it was full of large crawdads.
I want to see if I can get to the creek and maybe get enough crawdads for a good meal.
When we leave the campground we will be heading for home.
There is no cell phone or Internet connection at the campground so you won't hear from me until we get back to Santa Rosa.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


In the previous episode. The grand kids had left and we were awaiting the arrival of Joanne and Dave on Sunday 07-18-10 and Kathi and Bob's arrival on Monday.
Joanne and Dave showed up around 1:00 and we spent the remainder of the day hanging out with them.

About 6:00 we went to dinner at the "Chetco River Cafe". The food was just okay but the clam chowder was very good. Patti, Joanne and I had deep fried prawns and chips. The prawns were prefrozen and prebattered. Dave had the fish and chips and wasn't impressed with them ether.

Monday 07-19-10
Kathy and Bob arrived around 12:30

and we all spent the remainder of the day visiting.
For dinner, I cooked up some hamburger that Joanne and Dave had brought up with them.

Tuesday 07-20-10

We all left the RV park at 9:00 and drove to gold beach for breakfast at the Indian Creek Cafe.

We had reservations for a jet boat ride up the Rogue River at 12:00 and were under the impression that we were taking the "Mail Boat" so after a very good breakfast at "Indian Creek Cafe" we drove back to 101 and crossed the Rogue River Bridge.

On the north side of the river we made a right turn onto the north bank road and after a short distance we turned right again into the Mail Boat dock parking lot. There, we found a sign saying that the Mail Boat business now belonged to Jerry's Jet Boats.
We got back in our cars and drove back over the river to Jerry's Jet Boats,

where we checked in and paid for our tickets to ride.
While we were waiting around for the boat ride to start, we found some very nice jackets in the gift shop, at a very reasonable price so Kathi, Bob, Patti, Dave and I each bought jackets and by the end of the day we were very glad we did.

We headed up river at 12:00 for a 104 mile ride.

The boat pilot "Tommy"

was great and he sounded like Larry the cable guy.

He put the boat through lots of 360's

and splashed through lots of white water. We all got soaked but fortunately the weather was warm up river.

We went as far up stream as the Forest Service would allow,

turned around and headed back down river to the Singing Springs Resort

in Agnes, where we had dinner. It was an all you can eat buffet for $15.00 so we ate all we could. The resort sits on a ledge about 80 feet above the river and has a sign on its roof showing the high water mark for the big flood of 1964.

After dinner we headed back down the river toward Gold Beach. As we got closer to the coast the temperature dropped significantly with a strong damp breeze coming off the ocean and up river. That is where the new jackets came in very handy.

On the boat ride we saw:



Osprey nests and Osprey in flight, unfortunately we only got pictures of the nests.



and one Otter that we didn't get a picture of. Unfortunately we didn't see any bears.

We did however, see several rafts.

A few of which offered us a water fight and us with not a super soakers among us. They must have thought we were easy prey.
After a few opening shots from our attackers and when we were all suitably moistened ol Tommy just turned our craft about and blasted water over the raft with a pulse of the boats powerful jets. and we were off, up the river once again. There were several other jet boats on the river. All belonging to Jerry's Jet Boats. Some of them still painted "Mail Boat" blue.

The boat ride was a lot of fun. We got back to the boat house around 7:30. As we were coming to the dock the Pilot announced that those of us who had to go south should check in at the office.
As it turned out there was a car wreck and a fire on highway 101 south of Gold Beach. The highway was closed and as far as any one knew it would be closed all night. Needless to say we were very concerned and didn't want to have to get a room for the night.
Joanne got some phone numbers for the Highway Patrol and Sheriff. At first the information was kind of vague. Around 8:30 we got word that they were escorting cars past the wreck by Pilot car. We left the Pizza place where we were killing time and drove to Pistol river where we got into line.

After about half an hour (around 9:00) the line started to move. We could see the fire off to our right. We were home by 10:15.

Wednesday 07-21-10

Around 9:00, Joanne, Dave, Bob, and I headed for the Winchuck River to try a little trout fishing.

The river is very pretty with some nice holes and small waterfalls.

We caught several fish but they were all very small so we returned them to the water.

Patti and Kathi went the Lucky Seven Casino north of Smith River. Kathy Broke even and Patti came out $23.00 behind.

Patti got her first Social Security cheque today and took us all out to dinner at the "Onion Grill" to celebrate.
The food was very good. So far the Onion Grill and Pancho's are our favorite places to eat in Brookings.

Thursday 07-23-10

Joanne, Dave, Kathi and Bob all left today. J&D to continue there vacation. K&B going back home. We all went out to breakfast at Matties.

Joanne and Dave left right after breakfast.

Kathi and Bob hung out with us until around 12:00.

We had a great visit and had a lot of fun.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


This morning we drove to Crescent City to do some shopping at Walmart.
After we got home and had lunch, we went down to the port of Brookings to see the Kite Festival.
It was a little underwhelming.
I'm not sure what criteria you might use to judge kite flying.
I guess you get a point for getting the kite up and maybe another point if you don't get tangled up with the other kites. Other than that I am not sure how one would adjudicate such an event.
Apparently there are national kite flying contests because some of the contestants at this festival had won prizes at other events.

Anyway, here are some pictures;

Friday, July 16, 2010


You know, I love our grandchildren and I enjoy seeing them. But I think they are the best when seen one at a time. After a week of sibling rivalry, chaos and drama things are nice and quiet now that they are gone.
Don't get me wrong, we did have some good times with them, like going to the beach and taking the boys swimming in the river and on a jeep ride.
Maybe, it has something to do with being an old fart.
It is just hard dealing with all the commotion that comes along with children, any ones children.
I don’t want you to think that I don’t appreciate our grand kids. Individually they are very nice and loving, it is just that “kids” in groups are very chaotic. I don't know how parents do it and obviously I was a parent at one time.
Here is the group.

18 year old Samantha

13 year old Johnathen.

12 year old Damon

Monday, July 12, 2010


Patti's daughter Becky and her family arrived around noon today with three teenagers much sound much furry and much chaos.

More later.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


After spending two days hanging around the RV letting my knees heal, I was getting cabin fever so today we took a ride to the Winchuck River, to check it out for possible trout fishing opportunities.
We drove south on 101 to the Winchuck River Road and followed it east into the mountains. All along the river from 101 to the boundary of the National Forest are private estates with no public access to the river. Shortly after crossing into the National Forest we came to the Winchuck River Campground. We stopped there and walked down to the stream to take a look.

There were a couple of good looking holes and riffles there.

I watched the water for a while but could not see any thing moving in its depths.
We walked up stream and found that we were at the same place where we were a few weeks ago when we stopped to look at the river only on the opposite bank.
We went back to the jeep and drove back toward the coast a short distance, then turned right on a small road with a sign for a campground who's name I don't remember.
We followed this road along a beautiful stream stopping at the campground to look at the creek.

We followed this road taking several turnoffs to look at the water.
After a while the road started up hill away from the valley.

I continued to follow it thinking that it might connect with one of the main dirt roads that go north/south along the ridge. The
road we were on continued to become smaller and smaller

at times being not much more than a trail through tunnels of brush and trees.

We saw a Grouse on the trail.

After driving for about an hour we came to (That's right you guessed it)

(all together now)


Turning around we headed for home.

We did see some nice waters on the ride. Some of which might even have fish in them but I am not sure if they are open to fishing as I didn't see any anglers.

I will have to check at the local tackle shop to get more information.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Okay, we are back in Brookings after 10 days in California. We survived the trip and arrived here yesterday evening around 8:00.

Monday 06-28
When we got home to Santa Rosa Monday evening the TV didn't work.
We had a message on the screen stating that there was no satellite signal.
I went out to the back yard and noticed that the grape vine on the patio cover had grown over the satellite dish so I got on a ladder and cut them clear. I also pruned the rest of the vines and some ferns that were trying to take over the patio.

Tuesday 06-29 and Wednesday 06-30
We worked around the house and made preparations for our camping trip at Indian creek.

Thursday morning 07-01

Our grandson Harvey and I took off in the jeep heading for Indian creek around 9:00. Patti followed us in her car about an hour later because she had some errands to take care of.

I guess I should explain to those of you who don't know, what Indian Creek is. Indian Creek is a 1000 acre piece of property near Boonville CA that belongs to our friend Peter. This is where I am building a small cabin.

There are two major sights that we use on the property. The cabin sight which is an old logging flat and the Grove down on the creek where we do a lot of camping in the summer time. The grove is a beautiful camping area with a swimming hole in the creek

and an impressive stand of old growth Redwood trees.

Several weeks ago, I got an email from my niece Joanne telling me about their weekend at the cabin. In that email, she sent me a picture of a large bee hive that was under construction in the eaves of the cabin.

She also told me that Peter had been there and said he would take care of the nest.

When Harvey and I got up to the property we went directly to the Cabin to check it out.
I brought with us, a can of bee hive destroyer spray just in case Peter hadn't had a chance to take the hive out.
As it turned out someone had beat me to it and the hive was mostly destroyed already.
Also, the plastic windows on that side of the cabin near the nest had large holes torn in them. At the time I thought that maybe some one had sprayed the nest and gotten spray on the plastic, melting it.
There were some Yellow Jackets flying around the remains of the nest so I sprayed it to get rid of them.
While we where there I set out rat and mouse poison in and around the cabin.
The mice are trying to take over. Harvey and I went down to the grove and set up our camp. Patti arrived a couple of hours later.

Friday 07-02

The weather has been a little to cool to go swimming so we just hung out around camp and Harvey started building a rock dam to enlarge the swimming hole.
In the afternoon we went up to the old home sight to do some skeet shooting.
Harvey did pretty well seeing as this is his second attempt at wing shooting.
He hit about twenty five percent of the birds.

After he went through a couple of boxes of 20 gauge shells we took a break.
As we sat there drinking our soda pop we could hear a very lowed buzzing. looking down range we saw a huge swarm of bees. We must have disturbed their nest.
After a short discussion we decided to give up on the shooting for that day. Our friend Josie showed up at around 5:30.

Saturday 07-03

Around noon on Saturday, we left the grove to go to Ukiah for a party at the home of my niece Connie and her husband Bruce.
It was my nephew John and his wife Cindy's tenth wedding anniversary.

The party was great and we had a good time catching up with family news and meeting some new family members.

Saturday evening when we arrived back at camp The Johns family was there with there new baby/grandchild Anson Rafe Crain

Clare and Peter were there with their two boys and their two cousins.
I asked Peter if he was the one who took down the bee hive and he told me that they hadn't gotten a chance to come up to the property until today.
After some discussion we decided that it might have been a bear or some other critter that got to the nest.

Sunday 07-04.

The weather was very hot so we hung out at the creek all day.

Harvey was happy to have some other kids interact with.


Around noon on Sunday Joanne and Dave showed up and we spent another day sitting in the water.
We left IC around 7:00 in the evening and since we had taken the top off the jeep, Harvey and I froze our butts off on the way back to Santa Rosa.

Tuesday 07-06

At around 8:15 in the morning, the Direct TV guy showed up to check out our system. He ended up replacing the dish and all the wiring. Now the TV works.
Harvey and I cleaned up the back yard, picking up all the stuff that I had cut Monday evening.

Wednesday 07-07

My friend Bob and I went kayaking on the Russian River. I got to his place in Guerneville around 10:30 and we spent some time going over the modifications that he had done on his van (Pigpen 2. Now that he has retired he is fixing up the van for long range traveling.
We got to the river around 11:30 and put in at Monte Rio. We went up stream passed the Bohemian Grove Beach and had lunch on a beach just below there.

We were back at Monte Rio around 5:30.
I am not in the best shape for Kayaking so now my knees and wrists are sore as hell.

Thursday 07-08

We loaded the jeep and were on the road heading back to Brookings around 9:00. When we left Santa Rosa the weather was foggy and cold so we had the top on the jeep up. By the time we got to Willets it was hot so we put the top down. We stopped for a visit with Becky and Dennis at Meyers Flat around 1:00 and left there around 4:30. By the time we got to Eureka we were back in the fog so when we stopped to eat we put the top back up. It is sunny, windy and cool this morning in Brookings.

The jeep did just fine on the trip and got 18 to 20 MPG.