Thursday, June 22, 2017

A visit with Bob, New Tires on the Van, A Visit From my Brother, Dinner and Cards with J&D.

On the Way to Bob’s.

Around 11:30 Tuesday morning, I headed over to Bob’s. I needed to pick up a new spare wheel. The one I have doesn’t fit on the front hubs as it was designed for drum brakes and wont fit over the disk brake calipers on the front.

A couple of Stop’s.

On the way I had to stop at the bank to cash a check.
From the bank I stopped by Americas Tire to order new tires for the van. I ordered a set of the new BF Goodrich TA radial all terrain KO2’s. These are the upgrade to the old reliable KO’s which were an excellent off road tire.
The tires will be delivered tomorrow (Wednesday).

At Bob’s

At Bob’s we spent some time visiting and discussing all the difficulties that I have encountered with the van lately and vans in general. I am sure glad that the problem is behind me and the van runs good again.

Fresh Fruit.

One of the fun things about visiting Bob is that there is usually some ripe fruit in his orchard or at his brothers farm.
We spent some time wandering around the orchard eating plums. There are several varieties of plums in his yard; some are very sweet, some are very tart but they are all fresh and juicy.

Got The Wheel.

After eating my fill of plums we put the spare wheel on the spare mount on the front of the van.

Time to go.

We BS’ed for a while more and around 3:30 I left for home.
Good visit! 


Wednesday morning Patti followed me as I drove the van to America’s Tire. We dropped off the van and then went to do some shopping.

A visit with Sonny.

Around 1:00 my brother, Sonny stopped by for a visit. We shot the bull with him for a couple hours. It was a nice visit. I hadn’t seen him since last summer.

Pick up the Van.

The van was ready around 3:30 so we went and picked it up. The tires that were on the van were too old to use for a spare so I ordered one more tire. I will pick it up on Thursday. I drove the van back home.

Supper and Cards with Joanne and Dave.

After dropping the van off at our house we drove up to Joanne and Dave’s. After visiting for a while we went out to a Mexican restaurant for supper.

Back at the house we played cads until around 9:00 then Patti and I went home.

It was a good productive couple of days. Although the temperatures are still into the low 100’s.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Van is Fixed! I think.

Pointer From Bob

I was talking to Bob a couple days ago and he suggested that I check the vacuum connections to make sure the vacuum advance was on the right port. We discussed it for a while as I thought that I had the right connection to the advance. The TBI on his van is a little different than mine. It has more vacuum ports so there was a bit of confusion as to which port is which.

Check the Connections

Anyway, Yesterday I checked the vacuum connections and sure enough the vacuum advance was connected to the wrong port.
The port that it was connected to has vacuum at idle and no vacuum with when the throttle is depressed.
That is just the opposite from what the vacuum advance needs to operate properly.

Take a Ride.

I swapped the the vacuum lines and took a ride. The engine ran just great.
Now I can concentrate on other stuff.

Still Hot.

By noon the outside temp was already approaching the 90’s It’s going to be a hot sucker again. Time to hang out indoors.
It got to 104°.


Today, I am going to Bob’s to pickup a tire and wheel to use for a spare. The spare wheel that I have will only fit on the rear.
That is a bit inconvenient if a front tire goes flat.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Yes, I’m Still Working on the Van.

Check the Brakes.

I waned to take a look at the rear brakes on the van so yesterday I pulled the right rear wheel. I found that the brakes were in good shape.

While I was checking the brakes I noticed that the fuel pump and related plumbing were easily accessible.


Tidying up the Fuel Lines.

When Patti and I took the van out for a test drive we noticed that the fuel pressure dropped a little when the throttle was at full.

Looking at the fuel filter and pump setup I decided to shorten the lines to make sure there were no places for air bubbles to accumulate.


After I put the wheel back on I took the van for a ride but it still has the same problem. NEXT???

A Visit With Mary.

Around 11:00 my sister, Mary, came by for a visit. After visiting for a while we went out to lunch at “Great China”.

After lunch we drove up to visit with Joanne and Dave.
Joanne’s mom, Georgia, was at their place.
Mary and Georgia were high school friends and hadn’t seen each other for many years. It was a happy reunion.

Okay that’s it for now.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Too Hot!

Too Hot.

The last few days have been unseasonably warm with afternoon temps in the high 90’s and low 100’s. Therefore I haven’t been able to get a lot done. There are only a couple hours in the morning to work.

Finishing up the Front End.

I re-torqued the wheel lugs and Installed a small panel under the van.

Took a drive.

I took a little drive to the auto parts store to get a piece of fuel line.
I needed to extend the fuel pressure gauge so it could be read by someone sitting in the passenger seat. 
The van ran great; the steering works good, no play in the wheel. The ride has improved too (no squawking springs).

Testing the Fuel Pressure.

Okay, now that the wheels are back on the van it is time to get back to the Acceleration problem.
I needed to go to Walmart for a couple of things so I had Patti come with me. While I drove she watched the fuel pressure gauge.
We got pretty consistent readings.
The normal fuel pressure runs at 12 psi.
Whenever I punched it and got into the flat spot the fuel pressure dropped to 11.5 psi. At first I didn’t think that a 1/2 psi was enough to make a difference in the running of the engine but it was consistent. Every time I hit the flat spot the fuel pressure read 11.5. It would appear that the fuel delivery system is faulty.  I’m not sure what I will have to do to fix the problem.

Check the Brakes.

Today I am going to take a look at the rear brakes. I hope they are in good shape so I won’t have to replace them.  I’ve got enough other stuff to do.

Okay, that’s it for now.

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Van is Back on 4 Wheels.

Tighten the Springs.

The first thing I did yesterday morning was to tighten the spring bolts. I tightened them as tight as I could get them with an 20” breaker bar. After I drive the van for a while I will tighten the bolts again.

Installing the Brakes.

The next job was to install the brakes. I had a bit of trouble with the bolts that hold the calipers on. The threads on the passenger side bolts were buggered up. I don’t know how they got buggered. To fix the problem I had to use a thread chaser on the bolts and it was necessary to run a tap through the bolt holes.


Once the holes were fixed the brakes went on just fine.
The drivers side brakes went on with out a hitch.

Hooking up the Steering.

The next thing to do was to hook up the steering.
First I tried to hook the pitmen arm to the output of the steering box without disconnecting the arm from the drag link.


I fought with that for a while but eventually decided that the drag link had to be disconnected from the pitmen arm. Once I did that it was a lot easier to get the steering together.

Back on 4 Wheels.

Once the steering was connected all that was left was to put the tires back on.


There are a couple things to finish up today then I’ll take it for a ride to see how the springs and the brakes work.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Picking up the Springs.

We got home from Idaho around 2:00. Once we got the car unloaded we decided to go out for lunch.
While we on our way to lunch we stopped at The Spring Works to see if the springs for the van were ready.
The guy at the spring store told me that the springs had just arrived but they had to put them together. You have to understand that I ordered the spring work almost a month ago. It doesn’t take a month to make two springs.
Anyway, I ended up picking the springs up yesterday around 9:00am.


I needed new bushings where the shackle connects to the frame so the guy at Spring Works went through his spare parts and came up with some bushings. The bushings were a little big on the outside and a little small on the inside so it was a struggle getting the springs on.  After a lot of sweat and bad language, I finally got the springs on.


Today I plan to finish tightening the springs, connect the steering, connect the shocks, install new brake pads and the tires.

With any kind of luck I’ll get this all done today.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Winnemucca to Santa Rosa.

Get on the Road.

We had the complimentary breakfast at the Model T some time before 7:00am and were on the road by 7:45.

After yesterdays storm it was real nice to have good weather today. Of course the after effects of the storm made the trip nicely scenic.

Just west of Winnemucca.


About half way between Winnemucca and Reno.


Going Over the Sierra’s.


Making Good Time.

A lot of the interstate highway in Nevada and Idaho have an 80 mph. speed limit. If you are in the right car you can make pretty good time. We made it from Winnemucca, NV to Santa Rosa, CA. in 6.5 hours. That’s the best time I have ever made that trip.
In the van or the motor home it takes around 8 hours.

A Fun Trip.

We had a great time in Idaho visiting with Jo Ann, Dave, Diane and Johnie. We are looking forward to seeing them again this winter in Arizona.