Friday, December 9, 2016

Shopping, Cards and a Birthday



This morning Patti and I drove to Parker to do some shopping.
Our first stop was Walmart to get our prescriptions filled. Some how when they transferred our prescriptions from the Windsor store to Parker they forgot to transfer Patti’s insurance information.
When they totaled up the bill it came to $285.+. Baring teeth smile
We had to sit around for a while so they could get this straightened out. This time the total came to $14 and change.
That’s much better.Winking smile 

After getting our meds we looked for Nopolito’s “pickled cactus” but they didn’t have them at Walmart so we had to go to Safeway.
While we were at Safeway we bought a birthday cake for Lillie, who’s birthday it is today.
Eventually we got everything we needed.
By then it was about 3:00 so we went to the Crossroads Café for a late lunch.


Thursday is card night so we went to Becky and Dennis’s around 6:00.

We had two tables of players. One Table played 5 Crowns.
At the other table we learned a new game (to me) called “Golf”. Its a pretty simple game and a nice break from 5 Crowns.


After the first game, we took a break and had some birthday cake.


It was a good day.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Fun Ride to the Bill Williams River


I Got the Leaders Job.Confused smile

When we were at the jeepers party Monday, I was tasked with the job of figuring out where to go on and to lead our Wednesday ride.

I haven’t been to the Bill Williams River crossing place for several years so I thought that would be something new to do.

Getting Started.

We met at the fire station on the north end of town. There were 6 jeeps in the group this time.

From the fire station we headed north on 95 to Plomosa Rd. Here we turned east on Plomosa Road and drove through the town of Bouse where we crossed Hwy.72 and got on Swansea Road. We drove north on Swansea Road (a wide graded dirt road) until we came to a large ORV staging area at the intersection of Swansea Road, the power line road and Lincoln Ranch Road.


Here we aired down. Once that was done we headed northeast on Lincoln Ranch Road.

A New Area.

While we were airing down Dick told me that he knew of a trail off this road that went to an old cabin and an interesting mining area.

A little ways up the road Dick took the lead and found the wash where a trail turned off and went west into the hills.


After a short distance we came around a hill and saw the cabin.


At the Cabin.

The cabin was almost falling down and probably would have if some good samaritan hadn’t propped it up.


We walked around the area checking out the cabin for a while.

The First Mine.

After a little while we decided that I should check out the first mine to see if there was enough room for all the jeeps to turn around at the end of the trail.
As it turned out there was plenty of room at the end of the trail for all the jeeps. There wasn’t a lot of stuff at this mine but the views were good.


After a little view watching we headed back down the trail to the Cabin.


Lunch Time.

We had lunch back near the cabin.


The Second Mine.

After lunch Patti and I drove up to the second mine to see if there was enough room for all the jeeps to park. It was a little tight but by letting two jeeps at a time come up we were able to get them all to the mine.

This was an interesting mine with several short tunnels.


The area had a lot of “Crisocola” which is a blue rock that is an indicator of the presence of Copper.
You can see some of the blue in this picture on the left, at the end of that piece of metal on the ground.


The blue thing in the foreground is someone's glove.
The rock hounds in the group had a field day collecting rocks.


Becky and Dennis were dog sitting ‘Lucky’, Freda and Gene’s little dog. It looks like he is having a good time.


The Wash to the River.

Eventually we left this area and drove down Johnson Ranch Road; we took a left turn into a large wash that I believed the was the way to get to the river.

The wash went through some very cool canyons.


The Crack.

It has been several years since I have been through this area. The last time we were here we found a really neat side canyon, actually more like a crack than a canyon.
After checking a couple of places that turned out not to be the crack we eventually found it.

The entrance was kind of wide…


but it quickly narrowed down. 


Along the way we found some interesting plants growing in the crack.



About 50 yards into the crack, it splits. One branch going south and the other, more or less east.

Patti and Dick took the north branch.


This branch gets a little tight and requires some climbing on steep rocks so they didn’t get all the way to the end.


The Easterly Branch.

The rest of us took the easterly branch. It was a bit wider and easier to follow.


A little ways up the this canyon Robert and I took a very narrow crack off to the left.


This crack was very narrow with some big rocks jammed between the walls overhead.


A little ways passed these rocks the crack became too narrow to proceed so we turned back to the main trail.

The end of the main crack ended in a vertical wall that during the monsoons must be a beautiful waterfall.


Crossing the Bill Williams River.

After exiting the crack we continued north in the wash to the river.
The area has changed a lot since the last time we were here.
It used to be an easy crossing but there is a thick growth of new trees that has clogged the trail across the river.

We did find one place to cross…


but it ended in a col-de-sac so we had to turn around.
It is amazing how much things change in a just few years.

Heading home.

Back in the wash we drove back the way we had come with Tom in the lead. A short distance down the wash Tom turned onto the Swansea Road which follows a small gas pipeline and ends at the Swansea mine site. From there the road becomes a wider graded road that connects with Shea Road about 7 miles from Hwy 95 and Parker, AZ.


Dinner at Al’s.

We had decided to meet at Silly Al’s for dinner.


Again, it was a fun ride. Smile

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Couple of Party’s and an Unexpected Visit.


Slow Days.

As you have probably figured out we haven’t been doing a lot the last few days.

A Couple of Party’s.

Party 1

We were invited to a couple party’s over the weekend.

One was at Nonda and Jeff’s. A semi potluck.
Jeff has the local windshield repair/replacement business.
We knew them from when we lived at Holiday Palms.

It was fun but we didn’t know many of the other people that were there so we didn’t stay long.

Party 2

Last evening we went to Joy and Robert’s for the jeep group’s annual Christmas party. It was a finger food kind of thing.


Joy and Robert are renting a double wide mobile home and have a lot of room for entertaining.



Here are a some of the Lady’s getting things ready.


Of course we knew everyone at the party so we stayed a little later.
Joy and Robert’s place is just a couple blocks away so it was very convenient.

A Fire Place Outside.

I have been trying to figure out what to do for an outdoor fireplace. What I decided to do is to cut one out of a 55 gallon drum.
Bill found me one but it has been used for a waste oil containment drum.


Most of the old oil has been drained from the barrel but there is still a lot of sludge in the bottom. I will have to clean it out before I can start cutting the barrel up.
I have decided to pour a gallon of diesel fuel in to the barrel, agitate it some how and then pour the mixture into a 5 gallon bucket for disposal.
Once I have most of the oil sludge out I think I’ll pour a couple of bottles of Awesome in the barrel and swish it around and drain it again.
I’m still trying to decide what the end product will look like. Originally I was thinking of some thing like a Swedish fire place with a short stack on the top. Now I am thinking of getting rid of the top altogether and just making it an open fireplace.

We will see how it turns out.

A Visit With Patti’s Nephew.

Yesterday, Patti noticed on Facebook, that her nephew Anthony who is a long hall truck driver was going to be stopping in Quartzsite for lunch. Patti contacted him and arranged to meet him at the local Carl’s Jr. around 2:00.
We got there around the same time he did and had a nice visit.

While we were there our daughter Becki called so he had a chance to talk to her.


Okay that more or less catches us up for now.
Tomorrow, as it is Wednesday, we will be going out on a jeep ride.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Haircuts and Cards.

Hair Cuts.

It has been six months since I had a haircut. I get one every November and again in April.
Our friend Debbie who lives here in Quartzsite is our barber and she does a good job.

Here is the before.


This is the after.


That should last until April.

Patti also got a trim while we were there.


Around six o'clock we went to Becky and Dennis’s for the Thursday card game. There were 18 people present. We filled their Arizona room to capacity and had two large tables with nine people at each.
There was more laughing and kidding than serious card playing and we all had a good time.

Today. (Friday)

Patti went with Jo Ann and Dave to do some shopping in Parker around 10:30. I stayed home and did a little house work as I don’t care for shopping that much.

We have been invited to a couple of party’s in the next week. Both are semi potlucks so she went to get supplies for our share of the food. 

Okay, well, that’s about all for now. Not terribly exciting but that’s how it goes some times.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Wednesday Ride.

Meeting at Carl’s Jr.

The group gathered at the Carl’s Jr parking lot around 9:00. There were nine jeeps in all.


We stood around in the parking lot BSing for a while.


Eventually we got on I-10 heading west.


We took the Dome Rock turnoff about 2 miles from Q.

On the Trail.

As soon as we got on the dirt trail we stopped to air down the tires.


Eventually we got on the trail following a pipe line road that runs parallel to the freeway but goes over and around several rocky hills.


Driving in the Drains.

This trail took us to the drain tunnels under the freeway. I had always wondered if we could drive through the drains.


As it turns out we can.


The trail was a little rough on the other side of this tunnel.


It only gets better.


We came to another set of drains and crossed under the freeway again.


Back on the trail we drove over some more hills.


We came to another set of drain tunnels. You can see the tunnels in the distance.


Back under freeway we go. I have been driving around this country for ten years and never driven under the freeway. Today we went through the tunnels three times.


On the other side we continued over more hills.


Tight Squeeze

Eventually we came to this old Dam. We hade been here before from both sides but there wasn’t enough room to go past the dam. Someone has spent the time to widen the trail so now a jeep can just squeak by.


Another tough spot.

We had to go down into a deep wash. The way out was pretty steep with a lot of loose rock and a tight turn at the top. It took a little time to get everyone through this but no one had to be towed up it.


Another Steep Wash.

We dropped into another wash. Almost everyone lifted the left rear tire off the ground as the went down the hill.


Lunch Near a Mining Area.

We stopped on a large flat near a mining area to have lunch.


In the back ground you can see this crossed pick and shovel laid out in white rocks on the hillside.


A few col-de-sacs.

After lunch we headed out again, driving over and around the rocky hills. Most of the trails ended in col-de-sacs.


Here we stopped to check out a couple of holes in the bank of this gully.


The holes didn’t go very deep and were used as a trash dump.Baring teeth smile

Law Enforcement on the Job.

We drove up a couple more dead ends.


On one of these trails we saw a bunch of vehicles parked. As we approached we noticed that some of them were sheriff’s trucks.

They were talking to some people in the wash.


We don’t know what they were doing but this is a working mine claim so maybe they were claim jumpers.
It is illegal to take any minerals from a working claim.

This trail turned out to be another dead end so we turned around and headed for home.

Big Horn Sheep.

We saw a couple of Big Horn sheep, unfortunately we couldn’t get any pictures. Maybe next time.

It was a fun ride. Especially driving under the freeway.