Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Back Update and a Jeep Ride.

OH, My Aching Back.

My Lower back is still hurting but it is getting better.
I have tried everything that everyone has been telling me to do; stretches, cold packs, hot packs, pain meds and just laying on my back. Everything works to some extent.
I wanted to get an MRI to see if I had broken anything back there but before I could get an MRI I had to get a doctor to order it. I made an appointment to see a Doctor and finally got an appointment for Tuesday (yesterday) with a Dr. Parker in Parker, AZ.
The pain has subsided some but I still wanted to make sure that there is nothing broken.
After an examination the Dr gave me two prescriptions; one is a muscel relaxer and one is for pain. I also got an order for the MRI.
We made an appointment for next Tuesday to get that done.

Since I am getting a little long in the tooth I figure that it is a good idea to have a doctor down here.

Okay, things are progressing on that front.

Monday Ride.

I was getting cabin fever so we made arrangements to meet Sue, Denis, Jo Ann and Dave at the fire station at 9:00 for a ride.


For a long time I have been looking at maps of this area and have been on almost every trail around. There is one trail that looks like a nice easy drive. It is called…


and runs east, west and crosses Butler Valley. A wide expanse of flat desert. The trail goes through a few hills on each end so we are hoping to find some smaller trails to explore in the hills.
Most of the trail is a wide graded road so I figured that it wouldn’t hurt my back to much.

To get to the start of the trail we drove north on 95 and took Plomosa Road heading N/E.  We crossed Hwy 72 at Bouse and followed Swansea Rd north.
Swansea Road is a wide graded dirt road. The surface is pretty smooth with only the occasional stretch of washboard so you can move right along.


Eventually we got to the place where Swansea Rd, Lincoln Ranch Road and Powerline Rd  intersect. We stopped here to air down the tires.


From here we head east into country we haven’t  explored before.

Powerline Rd.

We head east on Powerline Rd.


After a little ways we get into the first range of hills.

A Side Trail.

Patti had me stop so she could get a picture of this old Saguaro.


A few feet past the Saguaro, there was a small trail going north into the hills, so of course we followed it.


The trail started out pretty smooth but as it started climbing it became a bit more fun.


We went higher and higher.


We passed a small prospect tunnel but it only went a few feet into the mountain.


There were some nice samples of Crisocola lying around so we stopped to take a look.

Jo Ann took this one home.


We continued the climb and drove along the base of these black cliffs that we could see from the valley floor.


End of the Trail.

Eventually the trail just petered out in a area where some one had pushed a lot of dirt around surface mining I guess.


What Goes Up, etc.

Well as they say, “what goes up has to come down again” so we started back toward Butler Valley. You can see the trail below us.


There are a few nice switch backs. Here is looking back up one of them.


Eventually we got back to Powerline Rd and turned east.



The road can bee seen crossing the valley. At the foot of the hills the power lines cross the Highway to Alamo Lake.
We crossed the valley and we were almost at the highway by 12:00.

We pulled off at an open flat and stopped for lunch.


Cottonwood Pass Trail.

While we were having lunch we discussed what to do next as it was to early to head for home yet. After consulting the maps we decided to back track a little ways and take a trail that we passed that was heading south and see if we could get on Cottonwood Pass trail.


Patti took this picture of what looks like an old crested Saguaro but the crest isn’t very well developed.


We followed several trails and saw a lot of beautiful desert.


Eventually we got onto the trail that goes over Cottonwood Pass


We had been over Cottonwood Pass a few times but always from the other side so this was new.

Here is the view from the top of the pass looking southeast.


The trail is pretty narrow with lots of steep switchbacks but other than that it’s an easy drive.

Eventually we got down to the valley north of Salome. Once we were on the flats I got turned round and after taking several wrong turns decided to let Denis lead us back to the pavement. He did a good job.

It was a good day and a nice ride.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Black Cat Pass Trail.


I wasn’t able to go on the Wednesday ride a week ago so this time I needed to get out so we met the group at the Arco Station.

On Our Way.

By 9:00 we were on I-10 heading east.


Off the Highway.

At the off ramp for Hwy.60 we took a right turn off the ramp and headed into the hills to the south of I-10.


A Broken Spring.

We followed this wash for a while. At one place Bill stopped his jeep and got out to look under the rear. It turned out that the passenger side rear coil spring had broken in half. Bill could still drive the jeep but it sagged on the passenger side.


A short distance further along the wash, we came to where there are culverts going under I-10.
There was also a place where Bill could get onto the highway here. Bill figured he could drive home with the broken spring so they got on the highway and went home.

We Continued Our Ride.


We drove through the culverts…


We drove around the north side of the highway for a while but eventually we came back to Hwy. 60.

Black Cat Pass.

Here we headed east on 60.
Just past the town of Hope we turned to the left and got onto Black Cat Pass Road.


We followed Black Cat Pass Road.


The trail goes under the Rail Road Trestle.


We could see this concrete structure so we followed a skinny trail up to the mine.


There was a large flat area here so we decided to have lunch.


After lunch we continued along the trail.


The trail came back to the RR tracks and follows them for a while.


Eventually the trail goes under the tracks.


The trail drops into a wash with lots of ATV wash board; which made for a bumpy ride.


We came to another culvert but it was too small to go through


We turned around and found another trail.


We came to Highway 60 again and crossed the highway and went through another gate on the south side of the highway.


We drove around on this trail for a while and eventually came back to the highway where we aired up the tires and headed for home.

We stopped at Carl’s Jr for supper with the group.

It was a good ride and I needed to get out. My back is still hurting though, so I’ll be taking it easy today (Thursday).

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Back Problems.

No Blogs.

I haven’t posted a blog for a while because we haven’t been doing much.

Bad Back

My back went out a couple weeks ago.
It makes it hard to sit for any length of time as it hurts most when I sit. Therefore I can’t sit in the jeep for very long so we haven’t taken any rides

X ray.

Tuesday, we went to the Urgent Care Center in Parker and got a couple of X ray’s. They couldn’t find any breaks in the bones. They did find that the L2 vertebrae had a small amount of damage kind of like a scuff on the bone.


I have been to see a chiropractor for an adjustment twice and it doesn’t seem to be working.
On Monday we are going to contact a spine doctor in Lake Havasu City and see if I can get an appointment and maybe an MRI to find out what is going on.

Okay that’s as long as I can sit for now so I’ll close this post.

I’ll talk to you later.


I didn’t get the blog posted when I wanted to but We haven’t done much in the interim.
We found that in order to get a MRI of my back I have to have a primary care physician to put in the order

We called a doctor in Parker. Now we have to wait until next Tuesday to see that doctor. I wonder how long I will have to wait to get the Scan.
In the mean time I spend most of my time taking pain meds and laying on the couch.

I am going to try to go on the Wednesday ride tomorrow. We will see if that works out.

My biggest problem is that it hurts when I sit.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Wednesday Ride 12/27/17.


This is the second post that I am publishing today since I will have to go somewhere like Mc Donald’s or the library to publish.
I went to the library and their WiFi was real slow and kept dropping out so I went to Karl’s Jr and their WiFi was so slow that the program kept dropping out. That was yesterday (Friday). Today (Saturday) I went back to the library and found that their WiFi was still very weak. I decided to try Mc Donald’s but when I got there it was so crowded that I could not find a seat. The next try was at Burger King. They have WiFi and it is also very slow but I am able to post from here anyway.

The Wednesday Ride.

We met at the Arco and left there around 9:00 heading east on I-10. We took the Highway 60 turnoff and drove 31 miles to Wenden where we turned north on the highway that goes to Alamo Lake.


While we followed the highway we noticed that they had a huge Alfalfa harvest. With bails stacked for miles.


After a couple of miles we took a left turn on Bonanza Rd.



The road we want is that squiggly line that goes up the side of the mountain in the distance.


We stopped to air down.


Climbing the Mountain.

Not far from where we aired down we started up the mountain.

The trail was a little rough in spots.


It is real steep…


with some switchbacks that you need to back and fill to get around.


Eventually we made it to the top.


This is looking down the mountain at our back trail.


Old Mine.

We followed another narrow trail along the ridge.


The trail eventually dropped into a narrow rocky canyon.


At the bottom of the canyon is an old mine.
You can see the loading shoot at the bottom.


Way up the hill is another tunnel where there is a set of tracks that go down the mountain to the loading shoot.


It was all pretty steep and rocky so I didn’t walk around much but some of the others did.


We left this mine and followed another trail around the mountain. The last time we were here there was a gate across this trail. Now the gate is open and is bent and broken.



We dropped into a wash and found a spot for lunch.

IMG_1016 IMG_1019

A working mine.

After lunch we continued along the trail and came to a mine that looks like it is being worked occasionally, as there is a lot of equipment around and it looks like it is still functional.


We walked around here for a while looking at all the neat stuff.


There was a pretty good cabin on the site.


Here is a look at the inside.


A Hidden Mine Tunnel.

There is a room at the side of the cabin with a screen door that goes into a mine tunnel.


I went into the tunnel a little ways but didn’t have a light so couldn’t go far.
I did get to this air shaft…


and looked around the corner but didn’t go any farther.



There was a lot of mining equipment around.
They had a couple of generators.


The one on the right looked like it had a 4 cylinder flat head jeep engine in it.

There was a John Deer 450 loader that looked like it would run.


and a big Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor.


There were conveyors and shakers and washers.


For a small outfit they had a lot of stuff. They must have found some good investors.

After a while we decided to leave here. The trail didn’t go through the mountains so we had to go back the way we came.

And back down the switchbacks.


Once we were back on the pavement we got back to Highway 60 and headed west. Just east of the town of Hope we took a turnoff to the right and dropped into a wash.


We followed this wash for a short distance but it just came back to the highway.
We left the wash and as we did, we noticed a sign on a trail to the right saying, Black Cat Pass. It was late so we decided to check that out some other time. We aired up the tires and headed for home.

Supper at Silly Al’s.

Around 5:00 we met Jo Ann and Dave at Silly Al’s Pizza for supper. It was super.