Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Couple Days at the Cabin



Patti and I arrived at the cabin around noon on Saturday.
Unfortunately the last visitors to the cabin didn’t leave it in the best shape. There were dishes in the dish drainer and food residue on the counter and food on the floor.
Some people just have no respect for others.

The worst thing is the food residue and food on the floor because the food attracts rats, mice and worst of all bears.

We Move in.

Patti and I moved into the cabin and put the dishes away (At least they did wash the dishes), swept the floor and made our beds.

Pipe Repair.

The previous visitors also put a hole in the main water line. I think they may have been target shooting and shot a little low and hit the pipe even though it was buried.

They did try to fix it but obviously didn’t know what they were doing.

I had to cut their repair out. All they needed to do was use a nipple to put the pipe together. At least they tried to fix it.


I replaced this with a piece of pipe and a couple nipples and clamps.


I left the repair exposed until the next day to see if it leaked. There were no leaks Sunday morning so I covered the pipe up.

Fire Ring.

I have been resisting putting a fire ring at the camp but more people are using the place and having fires there any way.
I decided that the only way to be safe and keep all the burning debris confined, a fire ring has become necessary.

Finding a Metal Ring.

In my wanderings around the property over the last 25 years I came across an old round stock trough. I decided that if it was good enough I could use it for the fire ring. If I could find it again.

Patti and I took the jeep down the hill to see if we could find the trough. 
It turned out to be right where I thought it was in some trees above the road to the old homestead. It was once a spring tank for the old homestead but now it is all rusted out.


I drug the trough out of the brush and down the hill to the road.


I’ll come down here with my van to take the trough up the hill to the camp. That will be in a week or so when I come back to get all my stuff out for the winter.

I plan to use about 8 to10 inches of the top for the ring. I’ll probably cut it around the the lower ring just above the label.


Around 7:30 Monday it began to rain and rained steady all day.


Patti and I took our time getting ready to leave.
We put all the dishes away clean, washed down the counters and the stove.
After we had everything packed in the jeep and dry firewood stacked on the tray in the cabin and on the porch; we swept the floor clean of food debris, closed the door and around 2:30 we headed for home.

More Rain.

It rained hard all the way home and continued for the next two days. We didn’t do much during this time.

Okay that’s about it for now.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Visit With Don and Felice.


A Visit With Don.

My friend Don was hoping to get his job in the city done by Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately there were some problems and the job took until Thursday afternoon to complete.
Don finally arrived around 8:00 Thursday evening. We immediately went out to get some dinner as Don hadn’t eaten since early morning.
We visited until around midnight then called it a day.

I was hoping that I could take Don up to the cabin but he had to make a 6:00 flight out of SF on Friday so we didn’t have time to do that.
We spent Friday visiting.

A Visit With Felice

Around 1:00 on Friday my youngest daughter Felice came by for a visit. Don hadn’t seen her since she was about 3 years old.
Don has worked all over the world. Felice had done some extensive travel in Europe so they had a lot to talk about; comparing places they had visited, etc. and places to visit in the future.

It was a good if to short a visit with Don.

Harvey Gets his Drivers License.

Harvey took his driving test Thursday and passed 100%.

Here he is with his car.


Going to the Cabin.

This morning Patti and I are going to the cabin for a couple days, talk to you next week.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Couple of Nice Days


The storms have passed and the last couple of days have been clear and warm.

Sealing the windshield.

When it was raining I noticed that the new windshield was leaking. 
During a break in the storms I was able to use some duct tape to temporarily stop the leak. Once the storms went away I removed the tape and let things dry for a day; in the evening I squirted a tube of black silicon in the space between the van and the rubber seal.
I hope that works.

Finishing the Satellite TV Stand.

I put the finishing touches on the antenna stand.

Here it is painted, with the dome siting in position with its rubber feet in the holes on the platform.


The connector comes off the platform and fits in a pocket in the tripod bag along with a couple of bungee's that are for windy conditions so storage shouldn’t be to bad.


Preparing for a Visitor.

My old friend Don who lives in Seattle has to be in SF on business and is going to stop by for a visit for a couple days.
It was a good excuse for Patti and I to get the house spruced up so we spent a good part of the day cleaning.

Okay, that ties up a few loose ends.

Monday, October 17, 2016



It has been raining for the last couple of days so I haven’t been doing much outside.

Stand For Satellite TV Dome.


A while back I started working on a stand for my Satellite TV antenna. (See Post for Sept. 8, 2016 “Getting ready to go to Davis Lake”)

Since the rains are going to stick around for a couple days I decided to finish this project.

The last time I made a couple of washers


and found a part to use to make the connection to the tripod.


Today I found just the right sized piece of 3/4” plywood to use for the platform.


I just had to round off a couple of corners, which I did with a saber saw.

After trimming the board I laid out and drilled the holes I wanted to put in the board.


The center hole is for the bolt to mount the platform to the tripod. The other four holes were going to be for the bolts that hold the rubber feet on the bottom of the dome. I was going to use these bolts to hold the dome to the platform but decided against it.
What I will do is drill the holes out large enough for the feet to fit through them that way I won’t have to bolt and unbolt the dome everytime I want to do something different with it.

Set Screws.

I had to drill 3 holes in the end of the connector (Cylinder) so it can be tightened to the tripod.

Here is the setup.


Welding the Bolt to the Washer.

I drilled a couple small holes in the washer on each side of the center hole. Then I welded the bolt head to the washer.
This gets screwed to the platform.


Here it is assembled.


I still need to drill out the four holes for the feet and paint the whole thing.

Okay that’s it for now. I’ll finish this project tomorrow.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Catching Up.


The Van.

Okay, so I finished the water pump project on the van. I just cut off about 1-1/2” of the end of the upper hose and it went on just fine and didn’t leak.

I also had to get new windshield wipers for the van. It only took two tries at the auto parts store to get the correct one. You can’t just buy wiper refills any more you have to buy a whole new blade and holder.

Working on a Shredder.

I wasted some time trying to fix Patti’s paper shredder but one of the plastic gears that turn the shredder was wiped out so I ended up throwing the whole thing away.

Harvey’s car.

We took Harvey’s car into the shop to find out why it has a strong gas smell when the tank is filled.
They found that a hose was misrouted so they fixed that. We will see if that takes care of the problem.

This morning we are taking the car to get tires. That is the last thing we have to do before Harvey takes over the car.
After that he is on his own.

Today is the beginning of a series of storms that are coming through the area. It is supposed to be raining for several days so we probably won’t be doing anything exciting for a while.

Okay, that catches us up to today.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Still Working on the Van.


A Double Pulley.

One of the parts that I got from Bob was a double fan pulley.
I decided that putting on the double pulley was a good Idea. That way there will be two belts instead of only one. It’s a safety thing.

This is the old pulley system. It is actually two pulley’s and is bigger around that the new one.


As you can see the old pulley is quite a bit different from the new one but the new one lines up better with the crank shaft pulley.


Now I have to fine a double pulley for the alternator. I looked around in all my junk cans and after a while of searching I finally found one. I knew that I had seen one some where in the last thirty years.
I love it when I don’t have to buy a part.

It was a little struggle getting the single pulley off the alternator because my impact wrench is slow and a little wimpy. Eventually I got the pulley removed, the new one installed and the alternator back in the van.
Now I need to find a couple of belts that will fit. It took two tries at the parts house before I got belts that fit  the new pulley setup. Eventually I got the right belts installed and everything lined up properly. 


That’s better. Now I don’t have to worry about loosing a fan belt because now there is a backup.

Leaking Hose.

Once I got the radiator filled and burped I noticed that the top hose was leaking at the radiator.
I should have put new hoses on when I did this job but I wasn’t thinking ahead.
I tried tightening the clamp on the upper hose but it still leaks a little. I’ll try a couple other things before I look for a new hose.
I’m sure that the proper hose will be hard to find as the van is 48 years old and all parts are getting hard to find.

Okay, that’s all for today.

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Last Three Days



Driving with Harvey.

I picked Harvey at his place around 10:00 and we headed for Healdsburg in his car.
The plan for today was to let Harvey get some practice dealing with the freeway. I decided to go up to Healdsburg to begin because the traffic is a lot less up there.

I drove to Healdsburg and pulled over in town to let Harvey take over.
We went to the north end of town and got on the freeway there. We headed south and took the next exit. We went over the freeway and took the on ramp heading north again. We did this a bunch of times until Harvey felt comfortable entering and leaving the freeway then we headed for Santa Rosa. We took every off ramp and on ramp along the way, even in the heart of the city.
He did very good.
After a while I decided that Harvey could drive me to Guerneville so I could pay Bob for the parts for the Septic system at the cabin.

We stopped at the bank so I could get the money then headed for Bob’s.
I figured that Harvey needed to get some experience on curvy back roads so we drove out Pocket Canyon Road. It is a pretty curvy road and Harvey did just fine and kept his speed down.

We made it to Bob’s, I paid him and we sat around there for a bit.
After a little while we got back in Harvey’s car and headed for home.
Over all Harvey did very good and I think he is ready to get his drivers license.


Working on the Van.

The water pump in the van is starting to go bad, there is play in the shaft.
When Bob swapped the six cylinder engine for a V8 in his van, he had a lot of fairly new 6 cylinder parts available. He gave me some of them. One part was a new water pump so I decided to replace the one on my van with that one.
I only got about half done before I hade to stop.

The water pump is the gray part with the blue goo squeezing out at the edges.


Visiting Mary.

Around 2:00, Patti, Joanne and I went to Petaluma to visit with my sister Mary.
We had a good visit although it was pretty emotional as we spent most of the time discussing Tom’s passing.
Mary will be okay, she is a strong woman and has a lot of support from her children and grandchildren.

We went home around 5:00.

Okay that is all for today.