Friday, February 8, 2019

A Ride to Dripping Dprings, the Hog Back and More Computer Issues.

Still Having Computer Problems.

I have been trying to publish a blog for several days now but my computer hasn't been able to get on the blog site. This morning however it worked so here it goes.

Dripping Springs.

We met the rest of the group at the 76 Station on Main Street and Highway 97. My niece Connie and her husband Bruce came along on this ride. You can see their jeep on the right in the photo below.

At 9:00 we headed south on 95 to La Posa North BLM camping area. We cut through the camp area and eventually found the wash that goes to Dripping Springs.
The wash is kind of neat with some high walls in some places.
After a little ways the trail becomes a little rocky.

There are some minor obstacles in the wash but they aren't to hard to get over.
Here is a small ledge to climb.
The next obstacle is a bit harder but has several spots of lesser difficulty so everybody can get buy it.
This is the hardest approach and Eric getting over it.

Tom and Bruce took the easiest route around the left side. Gene and I took the medium hard side on the right. We all got through the spot and continued up the wash.
We drove up to The Dripping Spring parking area. Unfortunately this is the only picture we got there. The spring is in the canyon.

The mail Box Cabin.

We left Dripping Springs and wound our way along the narrow wash.
Eventually we broke out of the canyon, went over a steep hill and went back into the wash.
We drove around and over several hills until we came to the Mailbox Cabin
Here, we stopped for lunch.

The Hogback.

After lunch we continued our ride toward the Hogback.
The climb up the north side of the Hogback used to be pretty rough but it has smoothed out a little this season.
This is looking down the west side of the Hogback.

Here we go, starting down the Hogback.
The hogback is steep and narrow with a drop off on each side of the trail.
Once we were at the bottom of the Hogback we started the dusty ride across the flats heading back to Q.
Fortunately the breeze was blowing the dust away from the trail.
Okay, that was our ride to Dripping Spring and the Hogback. As always it was a fun ride.  

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