Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Wash Day, and a Ride in the Desert.


It was more or less a typical Sunday. Dave and I went to the dump to get rid of our garbage. 
When we got back we dumped the waste tanks on the Motorhome and the 5th Wheel.

Patti and Joanne went to the laundromat.
Since my back is messed up from blocking up the container, I didn’t do any house work.

Pork and Pepper Stew.

For supper I fixed a pork and sweet pepper stew. It turned out pretty good.

The stew is made from pork tenderloin cut into bite sized pieces, sweet peppers, onion, garlic, new potatoes, A little celery, seasoned salt, herbs and spices that you like and any vegetables you want to put in. Make a stew as you would any other. It’s good.


Joanne’s Back.

The day before Joanne and Dave came down here, Joanne ‘s back went out on her. The whole time she has been down here she has been in sever pain. We have been waiting to see if she got any better so we could take her on a jeep ride. Unfortunately the pain has persisted and she is anxious to get home to see a doctor.

Ramsey Mine Road.

Therefore we only have one day left for Dave and I to take a desert ride.

Monday morning Dave and I headed east on I-10 to the hwy.60 turnoff. We followed 60 to the Ramsey Mine Road where we headed south on Ramsey Mine Road.

We stopped at Ramsey Mine.


Lookout Rock.

We left Ramsey Mine and drove over the hills and through a valley. On a ridge to the east we saw a large rock and a trail going to it so we drove up the trail and checked out the view.


From here we drove around for a while and stopped for lunch in this high valley.


Unfortunately, since Patti wasn’t with us I didn’t get any other pictures.

We got home around 3:30.


While Dave and I were wandering around in the desert, Patti, Cheryl, and Joanne went shopping at the the venders again. They did pretty good and didn’t buy much of anything.


We tried to go to Silly Al’s for supper but we couldn’t find a parking space so we went to The Grubstake again. It was good as usual.

Okay that’s about it for the last couple of days.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Brunch and Shopping in Parker, AZ.


We decided to go out for breakfast but by the time we were all ready to go it was about 11:30 so we went to Brunch instead.

Shopping in Parker.

Our first stop was Walmart, to return the electric heater we bought last week. The heater is too small and doesn’t put out enough heat. We started the heater with the room at 65° and after an hour the temp was down to 61°. That just won’t cut it so we took the heater back to Walmart.

While we were there we did some other shopping. As usual we weren’t able to get everything we wanted at Walmart so we went across the street to Safeway to finish our shopping.

While we were at Safeway we bought a couple of roast chickens for our supper.

Back Home

We got home around 4:30 and about 5:30 we ate the chickens. After that we played cards until around 9:15.
Joanne and Dave went back to the motorhome and we watched the news until around 10:15, when I went to bed.

That was our Saturday.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Blocking up the Container and a Visit with Joann and Dave’s Friends.

Blocking up the Container.

This morning I decided to put the container on a couple of 4X4’s.
To do this we had to use two farm jacks; one on each side so we could lift the end off the ground far enough to slide a 4x4 underneath.

Dennis and Becky came by for a visit and Dennis said he had another farm jack and would go get it. When Dennis came back
we put a jack on each side and tried to lift the end of the container.


We got it up a few inches and the container moved to the right about six inches and fell off the jacks. When it did that the rail on  Dennis’s jack bent.

I am holding the rail in the photo below.


We were able to straighten the rail out by putting one end on a block and driving up the rail.

We decided to try using my jack in the middle of the containers back end and lifted it enough to get the 4x4 under the container.


Next, we went to the front of the container. We decided to use both jacks on this end so we put one on each side of the container.


We started jacking up the container and about an inch up Dennis’s jack ‘s handle bent. Dennis borrowed the jack from Carl. I guess I’ll have to buy him a new one.


We ended up using my jack in the center and were successful in getting the 4x4 under the front of the container.

That was a lot harder than I thought it would be so now my back is messed up again.


Around 2:00 friends of Joanne and Dave’s stopped by for a visit. We sat around on our patio and visited for about an hour.


Supper at Dos Amigos.

After our company left we drove to Vicksburg where we had a Mexican supper. Everyone liked their food.


After we got home we played one game of Jokers Rummy. Joanne won this one.

Okay that was another productive day.

Friday, January 11, 2019

The Cargo Container Arrives.


The Cargo container is supposed to be delivered today so all we can do is wait for it.

Leaking Hose.

Around10:30 I noticed that one of the water hoses to the Motorhome was leaking. One of the fittings has a hole in it so I will have to replace the hose.
Dave and I drove over to Herb’s Hardware where I bought a new fresh water hose.

Missed Call.

As soon as we left, Patti got a call from the guy that is delivering the container. He was in Riverside at the time.
When I got home I called him back and made arrangements with him to call back when he was in Quartzsite. Then I could talk him in to our spot.

Waiting Around.

So we had to wait. We visited and even played a game of cards.

Around 4:00 the truck driver called and said he was in Q at the Arco station. I told him how to get to our place and that we would meet him on the corner of E Quail Trail Ave and N Pilgrim place.
Once he got there I had him to drive onto the neighbors lot and stop the truck and see where the container would go and so he could decide how he wanted to get there.


Once he figured out how he wanted to proceed he decided to drive across the neighbors lot and loop through our lot so he could drop off the container and pull out through the neighbors.


He had to try several times to get the container straight in the spot .


Once he got the container as straight as he could, he dropped the back end.

He raised the tilt bed on the truck and the container slid off pretty close to my lines.


The container ended up at a slight angle but that will make it easier to drive the jeep in to it.


Patti Writes the Check and the Truck Goes Away.

Here is Patti writing the check.


Here is the empty truck leaving.


Inspecting the Container.

The inside is white and that is a good thing. I will need to put some ventilators in the roof.


We inspected the outside and didn’t find any holes just some surface rust.


We will take care of that once Dennis brings his airless sprayer down in a couple of weeks. It all looks good.

Barbeque for Supper.

Around 5, we went to the Burger King here in “Q”

After supper we played two games of rummy.

A good productive day.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Checking out the Vendors, A visit with Donna and a Massage.

Checking out the Vendors.

Patti wanted to get a couple figurines called Quartzsite People. There is a guy that comes here every season who sells concrete sculptures of all kinds.
After lunch we drove to Tyson Wells to see if he was there.


We walked up one isle and down the other looking at all the stuff that was up for sale.
Eventually we came to the vendor that we were looking for.


This is what Patti was looking for (Quartzsite people).


She ended up buying three statues; two Quartzsite People (named Party & Matti) and one Mushroom Head.
The Mushroom Heads are the ones in this picture on the short stump


Patti bought her three statues and Joanne bought one of the Mushroom Heads for a Birthday gift for Dave; and we left the vendors to go visit Donna.

A visit with Donna.

We spent a couple hours at Donna’s, where we showed off our purchases and the women gabbed for a while. Patti, Joanne and Donna have mutual friends so they spent a lot of time catching up.

Joanne‘s back has been out of whack since she got here and while she was talking with Donna, Donna mentioned that there was a real good masseuse in town. She gave Joanne the phone number and called the masseuse and made an appointment for 7:00 pm last night.


On the way back to our place we stopped at the Heavens Kitchen Barbeque. We ordered ribs and tri-tip to go and took the food home to eat.

A late Massage.

Around 6:30, Patti and Joanne went to the masseuse. They didn’t get back until around 8:30. Joanne said that her back felt a little better after the massage.

A Movie.

While the women were at the Masseuse, Dave and I watched a movie, The Professionals, with Bert Lancaster and Lee Marvin. A classic western.

Okay. that is all for now.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

4x4’s and a ride to Blythe CA.


I need a couple of treated 4x4’s to put under the front and rear of the Cargo container that will be delivered Thursday. I went to Herb’s Hardware here in Quartzsite but the only treated 4x4’s they had were crooked as a hounds hind leg and one of them was split for about four feet of its length.

A ride to Blythe CA.

I needed to go to the Blythe’s Ace Hardware. We decided to all go to Blythe so we could have lunch at the A&R Deli and Bakery.
Around 12:30 we headed west on I-10, across the Colorado River and took the Lovkin Blvd exit.

Ace hardware and Verizon.

While we, Dave and I were getting the lumber at Ace, Patti and Joanne went to the Verizon store (which is next to Ace) to get some apps off of Patti’s phone.

When Dave and I were done we picked up Patti and Joanne who were waiting for us by the Verizon store.


We went to the A&R Bakery and Deli for lunch.
Patti and Joanne had the turkey on spiced cranberry bread. Dave had a Philly cheese steak and I had the hot roast beef.
Of course all the sandwiches were great.
We also bought a loaf of the cranberry spiced bread and two cherry crisps and a pineapple crisp.

Here are the pineapple and cherry crisp cut in half.


You can see how full of filling they are. Unlike some other bakeries who only spread a little filling on the inside of the dough.

Supper at Grubbs.

Around 5:00 we went to the Grubstake Social Club for a fish supper.
The fish was good and everyone was happy with their supper.


After supper we went back to our place and played a game of Rummy. Patti won.

Okay, that was our day. Another good one.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Joanne and Dave Arrive.

Getting Ready for Visitors.

Monday morning right after I finished my shower the #1 propane tank went empty on the Fifth wheel so I removed the tank and went to the RV Pit Stop and filled the tank.
After that I took a load of garbage to the dump and went to the city office to pay the water bill.


We needed a couple of things at the store so we went to Coyote Fresh as they have a good meat section. We got a pound of Italian sausage and a lemon cake for dessert. Next we went to the Road runner so Patti could buy some flowers.
We stopped to visit Donna and borrowed a vase for the flowers.

Joanne and Dave Arrive. A House Warming Present and Cards.

Around 4:15 Joanne and Dave arrived. We visited for a bit then they started moving into the Motorhome.
While they were getting settled, I fixed spaghetti for supper.


Before we sat down to eat J&D gave us a house warming  present.


A stone bird house.
How appropriate.
Oh boy, is Donna going to be jealous.

After supper we played a game of Jokers Rummy, Dave won.

Cargo Container.

One thing I forgot to mention.
I called and ordered a 40’x 8’x9.5’ cargo container. It is supposed to be delivered on Thursday.

Okay that was our Monday.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Cleaning the RV, Dos Amigos, a Bad Back and Fixing a Recliner.


Cleaning the RV.

We started cleaning up the motorhome Friday, so it would be clean for Joanne and Dave’s visit. They will be here some time on Monday and will spend a week in our motorhome.

Dos Amigos.

A week ago when we were coming back from a jeep ride we stopped at a place called Dos Amigos Mexican Restaurant.  We have driven past this place for years and never stopped to check it out.
When we finally decided to stop, we were very surprised to find a very large clean interior and a very friendly staff. I think we all expected it to be a dive.
It was too early to eat so we just ordered drinks and some chips and salsa.
The waitress was very friendly and told us that on Fridays they have Fish and Chips and it is very popular.
When we left we decided to come back the next Friday.

Around 3:00 we met Becky and Dennis at the Arco station and headed east on I-10 to the 60 turn off. We followed 60 east to just east of the town of Hope and turned right at the driveway to the Dos Amigos parking lot.

We all ordered the fish and chips and it was excellent. The batter  was light with just a little crunch and stayed on the fish. The fish was North Atlantic Cod. It was very good and we got three nice sized fillets each.
We will go back there again. Maybe next time we will try the Mexican food.


Oh, My Aching Back.

By Friday evening my back was beginning to bother me.
When I got up Saturday morning I was hurting pretty bad. I think pulling up those posts the other day started it and wrestling the propane tanks into their place didn’t help. Then running the vacuum in the motor home was the last straw.

We didn’t get everything done in the motorhome on Friday.
Saturday it was cold and cloudy with some light rain in the afternoon.
The only thing we did on Saturday was to go out for breakfast. The rest of the day we read and just laid low.

Broken Chair.

Around 4:00, I was waking up from a nap on the recliner and as I brought the recliner to the upright position something let go and then recliner slumped to the right side.
S…t!!! now what? I didn’t feel like working on the recliner with my back hurting so I left it alone and looked on the web for RV furniture. $$$$$

You can barely see the list to the right in this picture.



When I woke up this morning my back is still hurting. I took some Ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer and am moving kind of slow to day. 
After Patti got up and did her morning routine,  I had her tilt the recliner forward so I might see what broke and maybe I can fix it.

What I found was a broken screw that had fallen out.


I searched through my scrap screw can and found a 1/4-20X1” bolt and a stop nut. I replaced the broken screw with a bolt you can see the stop nut in the above picture. I snugged the nut up and now the chair is leveler.


Here is the old screw. It’s pretty worn out.


I just saved myself several hundred dollars.

Okay that’s all for now.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Wednesday Ride in the Plomosa Mountains With a Surprise.

Lets Go.

We met at the fire station, north of town. There were three jeeps on the ride today; Lillie and Tom, Becky and Dennis and Patti and I.
Once we were all there we drove north on 95 to Plomosa Road, here we headed east across the flats toward the mountains.

Just past milepost 7 we turned right onto a trail and stopped to air down the tires.

The dark spots on the photo are because the lens cover on our Cannon camera didn’t open all the way.

On the Trail.

After airing down we headed out the trail going south.


Eventually we came to a trail going east and followed it toward the mountains. We drove up a small hill that we call the lookout hill.


From here we have a good view of the mountains.


You can see the trail we are going on at the lower left of the picture. After a short break at the lookout we drove east on the trail.


The Surprise.

We were driving along the trail and I noticed mountain sheep heads poking above the Chollas.


We stopped and tried getting some pictures of the rams but the brush and cactus were in the way.
I slowly moved the jeep forward so we could possibly get better pictures.
The sheep weren’t cooperating. They were too interested in grazing to pose for us.


Eventually we were able to see all three rams but still not posing.


Here is one with a broken horn tip posing for us .


One thing Patti and I noticed is that there were no Cholla’s stuck to the rams. We see a lot of Cows grazing around the desert. Many of them have Cholla’s stuck to them. We have never seen a sheep in that condition.

Game Water System.

Once the Rams moved off…


we continued our ride.


We followed the trail to the end. On the way back we stopped at a game watering station.


There are a lot of these watering stations around the desert. The system is pretty cool with no moving parts. They just lay out a bunch of tin roofing like a roof on the ground. When it rains the water runs down the roof and drains into a large covered cistern
(a big tank). In the above photo you can see the tank and part of the roof. The water flows into a concrete basin where the animals can drink. There were two basins at this spot. One of them was covered with a thin layer ice this morning.
Here is the sign that you can see in the above picture.


By the way, we did close the gate before we left. The fence around the watering station is to keep out the Burro’s.

Sheep Again.

We left the watering system. A mile or so down the trail we saw the same three rams. These guys really get around.

Here is the one with the broken horn tip.


Here is another one.


These guys look like they are very healthy. Beautiful.


We left the rams to their grazing and drove back along the trail.
After a little ways we took a small trail to the left. At the end of the trail we found this nice seam of Chrysocola.


Here is a closer look at the seam.


Here is Becky trying to chip off a small piece.


After a little while we left the Chrysocola and continued our ride.

The next stop was at this deep vertical shaft at the top of a ridge in a saddle between two peaks.


Here is a nice chunk of Chrysocola but it is wedged under a piece of wood at the edge of the shaft. I guess it will stay where it is.



We left the shaft and drove further along the trail. We found a spot for lunch in the lea side of this rock.  Without the wind it was a comfortable day but the wind was right out of the north and was very cold.


After lunch we drove along enjoying the beauty of this country.


We drove through a pass in the mountains.


Near an intersection of two trails, we came to this rock structure. This is a well known land mark. There is a nice view to the west from here.


Looking for Glitter.

From here we tried to find what I call the Glitter Mine but I must have missed the trail because we never found it. Maybe next time.

We worked our way northwest taking several trails. Some of which were col-d-sac’s. Eventually we came to Plomosa Road. We turned southwest on Plomosa Road to where Quinn Pass trail goes west over a steep pass.
Here we turned east and followed a small trail into a narrow wash.


We took a side trail to check out this large Quartz outcrop.


People have been chipping away at this quartz outcrop for years as you can see by all the small pieces covering the ground around it.

Heading Home.

We left the outcrop and found a trail that headed back to Plomosa Road. When we got to the highway we aired up and headed for home.

Supper at Grubb’s

We made plans to meet everyone at The Grubstake Social Club for supper at 5:00. Joy and Robert also joined us.
The place was busy, there was only one waitress and she was brand new to the job. As a result we were there for two hours.
From Grubb’s we went to Becky and Dennis’ to play cards.
We got home around 10:30.

It was a long day but a good one  I love driving around in our beautiful desert.