Friday, January 11, 2019

The Cargo Container Arrives.


The Cargo container is supposed to be delivered today so all we can do is wait for it.

Leaking Hose.

Around10:30 I noticed that one of the water hoses to the Motorhome was leaking. One of the fittings has a hole in it so I will have to replace the hose.
Dave and I drove over to Herb’s Hardware where I bought a new fresh water hose.

Missed Call.

As soon as we left, Patti got a call from the guy that is delivering the container. He was in Riverside at the time.
When I got home I called him back and made arrangements with him to call back when he was in Quartzsite. Then I could talk him in to our spot.

Waiting Around.

So we had to wait. We visited and even played a game of cards.

Around 4:00 the truck driver called and said he was in Q at the Arco station. I told him how to get to our place and that we would meet him on the corner of E Quail Trail Ave and N Pilgrim place.
Once he got there I had him to drive onto the neighbors lot and stop the truck and see where the container would go and so he could decide how he wanted to get there.


Once he figured out how he wanted to proceed he decided to drive across the neighbors lot and loop through our lot so he could drop off the container and pull out through the neighbors.


He had to try several times to get the container straight in the spot .


Once he got the container as straight as he could, he dropped the back end.

He raised the tilt bed on the truck and the container slid off pretty close to my lines.


The container ended up at a slight angle but that will make it easier to drive the jeep in to it.


Patti Writes the Check and the Truck Goes Away.

Here is Patti writing the check.


Here is the empty truck leaving.


Inspecting the Container.

The inside is white and that is a good thing. I will need to put some ventilators in the roof.


We inspected the outside and didn’t find any holes just some surface rust.


We will take care of that once Dennis brings his airless sprayer down in a couple of weeks. It all looks good.

Barbeque for Supper.

Around 5, we went to the Burger King here in “Q”

After supper we played two games of rummy.

A good productive day.

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