Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year To You.


This time of year here in the desert it can get very cold over night. This morning when I got up around 7:45 it was 34° degrees out side and 40° inside. Burrrrr.

No Propane.

I tried to start up the heater with no luck.
We were out of propane.
Yesterday we found that the water heater was showing a pilot fault which usually indicates that the propane is empty.
I switched the tanks from the front tank to the rear tank. That fixed it, sort of.

Both Tanks are Empty.

It appears that the tank switch doesn’t work the way I thought it did because this morning both tanks were empty. I thought that the tanks were separate and when the switch was pointing at the front tank that was the tank that was working. Apparently that is not the case. It looks like the system draws off both tanks. I don’t like that system but I am not sure how to change it.

Electric Heat.

What I am thinking of doing is to buy an electric heater. Because in this cold weather, we are using two tanks (14 gallons) of propane in about a week and a half. About $34.00 each time I fill both tanks. I think, to run an electric heater would be a lot cheaper.

We are going to Parker on Thursday, so we will see if we can find a good heater up there.

Not Much for New Years Eve.

There hasn’t been much going on for New Year’s Eve. Most of our friends have gone home to visit family for Christmas and won’t be back here for a couple more days. Those who are here had other plans.
We are planning a jeep ride for tomorrow (Wednesday) so that will be fun.

Okay, that is all for now.

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