Thursday, January 10, 2019

Checking out the Vendors, A visit with Donna and a Massage.

Checking out the Vendors.

Patti wanted to get a couple figurines called Quartzsite People. There is a guy that comes here every season who sells concrete sculptures of all kinds.
After lunch we drove to Tyson Wells to see if he was there.


We walked up one isle and down the other looking at all the stuff that was up for sale.
Eventually we came to the vendor that we were looking for.


This is what Patti was looking for (Quartzsite people).


She ended up buying three statues; two Quartzsite People (named Party & Matti) and one Mushroom Head.
The Mushroom Heads are the ones in this picture on the short stump


Patti bought her three statues and Joanne bought one of the Mushroom Heads for a Birthday gift for Dave; and we left the vendors to go visit Donna.

A visit with Donna.

We spent a couple hours at Donna’s, where we showed off our purchases and the women gabbed for a while. Patti, Joanne and Donna have mutual friends so they spent a lot of time catching up.

Joanne‘s back has been out of whack since she got here and while she was talking with Donna, Donna mentioned that there was a real good masseuse in town. She gave Joanne the phone number and called the masseuse and made an appointment for 7:00 pm last night.


On the way back to our place we stopped at the Heavens Kitchen Barbeque. We ordered ribs and tri-tip to go and took the food home to eat.

A late Massage.

Around 6:30, Patti and Joanne went to the masseuse. They didn’t get back until around 8:30. Joanne said that her back felt a little better after the massage.

A Movie.

While the women were at the Masseuse, Dave and I watched a movie, The Professionals, with Bert Lancaster and Lee Marvin. A classic western.

Okay. that is all for now.

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