Sunday, January 6, 2019

Cleaning the RV, Dos Amigos, a Bad Back and Fixing a Recliner.


Cleaning the RV.

We started cleaning up the motorhome Friday, so it would be clean for Joanne and Dave’s visit. They will be here some time on Monday and will spend a week in our motorhome.

Dos Amigos.

A week ago when we were coming back from a jeep ride we stopped at a place called Dos Amigos Mexican Restaurant.  We have driven past this place for years and never stopped to check it out.
When we finally decided to stop, we were very surprised to find a very large clean interior and a very friendly staff. I think we all expected it to be a dive.
It was too early to eat so we just ordered drinks and some chips and salsa.
The waitress was very friendly and told us that on Fridays they have Fish and Chips and it is very popular.
When we left we decided to come back the next Friday.

Around 3:00 we met Becky and Dennis at the Arco station and headed east on I-10 to the 60 turn off. We followed 60 east to just east of the town of Hope and turned right at the driveway to the Dos Amigos parking lot.

We all ordered the fish and chips and it was excellent. The batter  was light with just a little crunch and stayed on the fish. The fish was North Atlantic Cod. It was very good and we got three nice sized fillets each.
We will go back there again. Maybe next time we will try the Mexican food.


Oh, My Aching Back.

By Friday evening my back was beginning to bother me.
When I got up Saturday morning I was hurting pretty bad. I think pulling up those posts the other day started it and wrestling the propane tanks into their place didn’t help. Then running the vacuum in the motor home was the last straw.

We didn’t get everything done in the motorhome on Friday.
Saturday it was cold and cloudy with some light rain in the afternoon.
The only thing we did on Saturday was to go out for breakfast. The rest of the day we read and just laid low.

Broken Chair.

Around 4:00, I was waking up from a nap on the recliner and as I brought the recliner to the upright position something let go and then recliner slumped to the right side.
S…t!!! now what? I didn’t feel like working on the recliner with my back hurting so I left it alone and looked on the web for RV furniture. $$$$$

You can barely see the list to the right in this picture.



When I woke up this morning my back is still hurting. I took some Ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer and am moving kind of slow to day. 
After Patti got up and did her morning routine,  I had her tilt the recliner forward so I might see what broke and maybe I can fix it.

What I found was a broken screw that had fallen out.


I searched through my scrap screw can and found a 1/4-20X1” bolt and a stop nut. I replaced the broken screw with a bolt you can see the stop nut in the above picture. I snugged the nut up and now the chair is leveler.


Here is the old screw. It’s pretty worn out.


I just saved myself several hundred dollars.

Okay that’s all for now.

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