Wednesday, January 9, 2019

4x4’s and a ride to Blythe CA.


I need a couple of treated 4x4’s to put under the front and rear of the Cargo container that will be delivered Thursday. I went to Herb’s Hardware here in Quartzsite but the only treated 4x4’s they had were crooked as a hounds hind leg and one of them was split for about four feet of its length.

A ride to Blythe CA.

I needed to go to the Blythe’s Ace Hardware. We decided to all go to Blythe so we could have lunch at the A&R Deli and Bakery.
Around 12:30 we headed west on I-10, across the Colorado River and took the Lovkin Blvd exit.

Ace hardware and Verizon.

While we, Dave and I were getting the lumber at Ace, Patti and Joanne went to the Verizon store (which is next to Ace) to get some apps off of Patti’s phone.

When Dave and I were done we picked up Patti and Joanne who were waiting for us by the Verizon store.


We went to the A&R Bakery and Deli for lunch.
Patti and Joanne had the turkey on spiced cranberry bread. Dave had a Philly cheese steak and I had the hot roast beef.
Of course all the sandwiches were great.
We also bought a loaf of the cranberry spiced bread and two cherry crisps and a pineapple crisp.

Here are the pineapple and cherry crisp cut in half.


You can see how full of filling they are. Unlike some other bakeries who only spread a little filling on the inside of the dough.

Supper at Grubbs.

Around 5:00 we went to the Grubstake Social Club for a fish supper.
The fish was good and everyone was happy with their supper.


After supper we went back to our place and played a game of Rummy. Patti won.

Okay, that was our day. Another good one.

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