Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Joanne and Dave Arrive.

Getting Ready for Visitors.

Monday morning right after I finished my shower the #1 propane tank went empty on the Fifth wheel so I removed the tank and went to the RV Pit Stop and filled the tank.
After that I took a load of garbage to the dump and went to the city office to pay the water bill.


We needed a couple of things at the store so we went to Coyote Fresh as they have a good meat section. We got a pound of Italian sausage and a lemon cake for dessert. Next we went to the Road runner so Patti could buy some flowers.
We stopped to visit Donna and borrowed a vase for the flowers.

Joanne and Dave Arrive. A House Warming Present and Cards.

Around 4:15 Joanne and Dave arrived. We visited for a bit then they started moving into the Motorhome.
While they were getting settled, I fixed spaghetti for supper.


Before we sat down to eat J&D gave us a house warming  present.


A stone bird house.
How appropriate.
Oh boy, is Donna going to be jealous.

After supper we played a game of Jokers Rummy, Dave won.

Cargo Container.

One thing I forgot to mention.
I called and ordered a 40’x 8’x9.5’ cargo container. It is supposed to be delivered on Thursday.

Okay that was our Monday.

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