Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Trail Home.

Another Early Start.

We gathered at Nora Jean’s for breakfast at around 7:15 
and got on the road by 8:00 heading south.
There were two more trails to do on the way home. These trails will eventually get us to Highway 74 where we can head west and home.
Back on I-17 heading south. Table Mesa Rd again but this time we go east to get on the New River trail.


Back in the Dirt.

It wasn’t long before Bill and Eve found the trail and we were back in our element.




Nice Views.

Every now and then the dust clears and you get a scene like this.


or this.


Lots of boulders in this area.


Just past these boulders the road headed down a nice set of switchbacks.


So, it was another morning of driving through the desert enjoying the beauty of the country.


As usual we bumped along over rocks...


crossing washes,


and over hills.


Change of Plans.

All this bumping along rocky roads takes a toll on the jeeps and occasionally something breaks.
This was the case with Dennis M jeep.
We had finished the first trail and were about a mile into the second one when Dennis called on the radio that he was going to stop to check out a noise.


It wasn’t good news.
As it turned out the rear track bar mount had broken off.


This development was a ride stopper.
The Track Bar connects the rear axel to the frame and is one of the main things that keeps the axel under the vehicle. The mount is also where the upper control arm connects to the axel.

Dennis figured if he took it easy he could get back to the pavement so we tuned around and headed back down the hill to the main road.


We drove slowly along the paved road enjoying the fall colors.


We came to where the road widened so that we could stop so Dennis could remove the rear drive shaft. He felt that he could drive in 4 wheel using only the front wheels and that would reduce the torque applied to the rear axel.


Once Dennis got the shaft removed we continued to slowly drive to Cave Creek.

Here we pulled into  the Dairy Queen so Dennis could call for a tow truck.

While we were there we had lunch and watched this stage coach going back and forth carrying tourists.


After about an hour and a half the tow truck arrived.


They put Dennis’ jeep on the flatbed.


Once he was loaded up we headed for Quartzsite.

We made I home about 45 minutes before Cheryl and Dennis in the tow truck.

Okay, that was our adventure in the mountains around Black Canyon City, Arizona. I hope you enjoyed it. 
We didWinking smile 

Thank You Bill and Eve for organizing and leading the trip!!

Thursday’s Ride Continued.

The Second Trail.

We drove south on I-17 to Table Top Mesa Road where we turned west.


Cool Spare Tire Cover.

Patti took a picture of Rick’s tire cover.


The View From the Highway.


On The Trail.

We headed up the trail.



We were on the trail for about half an hour and found a nice spot to have lunch.


Interesting Obstacle.

We came to this spot that looked all torn up.


But it isn’t as bad as it looked.


We wander around in the hills for a couple more hours.



We saw some wild Burros on a ridge .


Nice scenery along a power line road.


More Burros.

A couple miles further on, we saw some more Burros.


A short ride later we were back on the pavement and headed for Chilleens steak house for happy hour and supper.

Okay, that was the second trail of our Thursday ride.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Black Canyon Creek Trail

We met at Nora Jean’s Coffee CafĂ© at 7:30 for breakfast.

After breakfast we headed north to Senator Highway. We followed Senator Highway to the turnoff for the first trail of the day.
Here we stopped to air down the tires.

While I was hooking the deflator to the rear drivers side tire stem, I noticed that the bolt that holds the track bar to the axel had worked its way about 3/4 of the way out.

Oh Oh! Can’t go anywhere until that’s fixed.
I crawled under the jeep and with a little help was able to get the bolt back in place.


Dennis K came up with a nut for the bolt and in a short time we were ready to go.

This trail makes a loop through the mountains and is pretty steep and rocky.


We go up over some steep rutted grades…


and down into some deep canyons.


At the bottom, we drive in a wash  for a while, then back up the mountain again.


This continues on and on, going in and out of Canyons and bad spots.


The trail just keeps going.


The First Obstacle.

We came around a corner and saw the other jeeps stopped on the road ahead. People were out of their jeeps and walking the road.


We stopped a ways back and waited to see what was going on. As it turned out there was a bad spot on the trail that required a little guidance.


Everyone got through easily with Dennis’ guidance.

Obstacle Number Two.

We continued along the trail to the next bad spot.


And it was a bad one.


This particular obstacle had a very high pucker factor as it is a very tippy spot with a ledge to climb at the peak of the tippiness.

The first two jeeps got through with good spotting but they dug the down side of the spot even deeper. Which made it even more tippy.

Here is Bill our leader going through the spot.


Dennis M follows.


By the time Dennis K went through we had to strap his jeep. We tied a tow strap to the top of the jeeps roll bar and we hung on to try and keep the jeep from reaching the rollover point.


Eventually Dennis had to use his front lockers to get up the step.

Then it was Tom’s turn. Tom Is not really a risk taker so he opted to let Dennis M drive his jeep.

We used the same procedure as with the rest but by now the downhill side of the spot was even deeper so Rick climbed on the Rock guard and acted as a counter weight.


Tom’s Jeep was across. Now it was my turn.


We hook up the strap,


Rick climbed aboard…


and off we go.


The jeeps left front tire is off the ground at this point.


All Right!! We all made it through without rolling off into the canyon.

We continued along the trail going up…


and down…


and around and around.

Take a Break.

We dropped down into a nice wide wash with some shade so we stopped here for a break.


It wasn’t far from here back to I-17 so after a break we headed for the highway and the next Trail.


I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow.