Thursday, July 22, 2010


In the previous episode. The grand kids had left and we were awaiting the arrival of Joanne and Dave on Sunday 07-18-10 and Kathi and Bob's arrival on Monday.
Joanne and Dave showed up around 1:00 and we spent the remainder of the day hanging out with them.

About 6:00 we went to dinner at the "Chetco River Cafe". The food was just okay but the clam chowder was very good. Patti, Joanne and I had deep fried prawns and chips. The prawns were prefrozen and prebattered. Dave had the fish and chips and wasn't impressed with them ether.

Monday 07-19-10
Kathy and Bob arrived around 12:30

and we all spent the remainder of the day visiting.
For dinner, I cooked up some hamburger that Joanne and Dave had brought up with them.

Tuesday 07-20-10

We all left the RV park at 9:00 and drove to gold beach for breakfast at the Indian Creek Cafe.

We had reservations for a jet boat ride up the Rogue River at 12:00 and were under the impression that we were taking the "Mail Boat" so after a very good breakfast at "Indian Creek Cafe" we drove back to 101 and crossed the Rogue River Bridge.

On the north side of the river we made a right turn onto the north bank road and after a short distance we turned right again into the Mail Boat dock parking lot. There, we found a sign saying that the Mail Boat business now belonged to Jerry's Jet Boats.
We got back in our cars and drove back over the river to Jerry's Jet Boats,

where we checked in and paid for our tickets to ride.
While we were waiting around for the boat ride to start, we found some very nice jackets in the gift shop, at a very reasonable price so Kathi, Bob, Patti, Dave and I each bought jackets and by the end of the day we were very glad we did.

We headed up river at 12:00 for a 104 mile ride.

The boat pilot "Tommy"

was great and he sounded like Larry the cable guy.

He put the boat through lots of 360's

and splashed through lots of white water. We all got soaked but fortunately the weather was warm up river.

We went as far up stream as the Forest Service would allow,

turned around and headed back down river to the Singing Springs Resort

in Agnes, where we had dinner. It was an all you can eat buffet for $15.00 so we ate all we could. The resort sits on a ledge about 80 feet above the river and has a sign on its roof showing the high water mark for the big flood of 1964.

After dinner we headed back down the river toward Gold Beach. As we got closer to the coast the temperature dropped significantly with a strong damp breeze coming off the ocean and up river. That is where the new jackets came in very handy.

On the boat ride we saw:



Osprey nests and Osprey in flight, unfortunately we only got pictures of the nests.



and one Otter that we didn't get a picture of. Unfortunately we didn't see any bears.

We did however, see several rafts.

A few of which offered us a water fight and us with not a super soakers among us. They must have thought we were easy prey.
After a few opening shots from our attackers and when we were all suitably moistened ol Tommy just turned our craft about and blasted water over the raft with a pulse of the boats powerful jets. and we were off, up the river once again. There were several other jet boats on the river. All belonging to Jerry's Jet Boats. Some of them still painted "Mail Boat" blue.

The boat ride was a lot of fun. We got back to the boat house around 7:30. As we were coming to the dock the Pilot announced that those of us who had to go south should check in at the office.
As it turned out there was a car wreck and a fire on highway 101 south of Gold Beach. The highway was closed and as far as any one knew it would be closed all night. Needless to say we were very concerned and didn't want to have to get a room for the night.
Joanne got some phone numbers for the Highway Patrol and Sheriff. At first the information was kind of vague. Around 8:30 we got word that they were escorting cars past the wreck by Pilot car. We left the Pizza place where we were killing time and drove to Pistol river where we got into line.

After about half an hour (around 9:00) the line started to move. We could see the fire off to our right. We were home by 10:15.

Wednesday 07-21-10

Around 9:00, Joanne, Dave, Bob, and I headed for the Winchuck River to try a little trout fishing.

The river is very pretty with some nice holes and small waterfalls.

We caught several fish but they were all very small so we returned them to the water.

Patti and Kathi went the Lucky Seven Casino north of Smith River. Kathy Broke even and Patti came out $23.00 behind.

Patti got her first Social Security cheque today and took us all out to dinner at the "Onion Grill" to celebrate.
The food was very good. So far the Onion Grill and Pancho's are our favorite places to eat in Brookings.

Thursday 07-23-10

Joanne, Dave, Kathi and Bob all left today. J&D to continue there vacation. K&B going back home. We all went out to breakfast at Matties.

Joanne and Dave left right after breakfast.

Kathi and Bob hung out with us until around 12:00.

We had a great visit and had a lot of fun.

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