Saturday, April 8, 2017

Finding Parts for the 1968 Chevy Van



I am still looking for parts to fix the roll up windows in the van. I have been all over the internet searching for window regulators for a 1968 Chevy van. All the ones I can find are for newer vans.

Found One!

I remember many years ago I helped part out a friends van because he had rolled it. I remember having a window regulator in my stuff somewhere.
I spent a lot of the day looking in all the places that I put stuff and finally I saw the end of what looked like a window regulator sticking out of the top of a bucket  back in a corner behind the drill press and some steel bars. I moved the steel and cleared an area large enough to pull the bucket out. Sure enough it was the old regulator that I thought I had and it is pristine.


This one is for the passenger side which is the most important one since it is the one on Patti’s side.
Now if I can find some window run channel and the beaded fuzzy strips I’ll be able to fix the windows.

We went to the Super Buffett for supper last evening. They have a very large selection of food. We pigged out on sea food and chicken.

Okay, that’s it for Friday.

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