Wednesday, April 19, 2017

More Work on the TBI.

Throttle Linkage.

I’m still working on the linkage for the TBI.
I had to lengthen this piece of linkage so the throttle would have full travel. To do so I had to cut the end off the link so I could still use the connector on the end.


Then weld another longer piece to it.


I installed this part and tested the operation of the linkage.

It turned out that I had the linkage connected to the wrong lever and it was moving in the opposite direction from what it should.

I moved the linkage to the lower lever but it turned out that that lever was too short to move the throttle all the way to full.

By this time I was too tired to make any good decisions so I quit for the day.


During the night, I realized that I could shorten the connection to the TBI throttle by drilling a hole in the lever closer to the pivot point. That should allow the proper amount of movement necessary to move the throttle to full.


You can see the original hole at the end of the triangle and where the link goes through the new hole.

Helping Loraine.

Around noon, we went to our friend, Loraine, to help her remove the cover on her pool and pick up some stuff that she wants to get rid of.

We met Joanne and Dave there with their pickup. We needed the pickup so we could hall a couple large rugs in the back.

After removing the pool cover we went to lunch at Ozzie’s Grill. Good hamburgers!

We went back to Loraine’s after lunch and loaded the rug’s and a couple of other things in Dave’s pickup and brought them back to our place. We unloaded the rug’s and sat around for a while then decided to play some cards. Joanne and Dave left around 7:30.

Okay, that takes care of the last couple of days. I’ll be continuing to work on the TBI installation today.
Bob is coming by this afternoon to answer some questions that I have and maybe lend a hand.

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