Monday, April 10, 2017

Installed the New Manifold.



It was almost lunch time; I needed to get a couple studs for the exhaust pipe connection and Patti wanted to go to Costco to get some stuff.
The perfect solution was to go to Costco for lunch and shopping. Then stop at a auto parts store on the way home to get the studs.


We stopped at the Napa store on Santa Rosa Avenue. I went in and asked the guy behind the counter for two 3/8” x 3” studs for the exhaust pipe connection.

He wanted to know what year and make of car I told him and he couldn’t find it in his computer. It went like that for a while and eventually I said that he probably didn’t have the parts I needed and left.

We went on home and Patti went to Walmart to do some more shopping.

I went to the True Value Hardware and found the studs that I needed.

Installing the Manifold.

Once I got home, I installed the studs on the exhaust manifold. I cleaned up the mating surfaces on the manifold and engine block.
I figured out which way the gasket goes on and after a couple of minor adjustments I got the new manifold installed.


Now I just have to wait for the TBI kit to arrive.

Okay that’s it for Sunday.

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