Saturday, April 22, 2017

It’s Alive!!!!

A call From Harvey

Around 8:00 yesterday morning Harvey called. He wanted to come by and change the oil in his car.
I told him that that wouldn’t be a problem as he was going to do all the work.

After the Blog.

After I finished the blog I went out to the shop to start working on the TBI project.
Today I wanted to get the engine started.
I needed to connect the exhaust system and install the o2 sensor.

Harvey Shows.

Just as I was getting started Harvey showed up.
I spent some time showing him what to do . Then I sent him off to the auto parts store to buy oil and an oil filter.

Back to Work.

I went back to work on the exhaust. I was going to install some of the exhaust parts that I got from Bob, but when I started working on the system I found that I had to do a lot of modifications to do that. I decided to used the 3 bolt exhaust pipe with the o2 sensor socket already installed and connect it to my existing exhaust system with a short piece of pipe and some special clamps.


I’ll take the van to the muffler shop to get the pipes welded up.

Harvey Returns.

Before I could get that done Harvey came back. I helped him jack up his car and showed him what to do to change the oil and filter and left him to it.
When he was done with the oil change it was time for lunch time;
Patti, Harvey and I went to Carl’s Jr for lunch. When we came back Harvey hung around for a while and visited with us. It was nice spending time with him.

IT’s ALIVE!!!!!

After Harvey left I went back to work and got the exhaust system hooked up. I installed the o2 sensor, checked to be sure there were no wires or hoses in the way and tried to start it up.
The engine turned over a couple of times and fired up.  I didn’t let it run more that a few seconds because I still had to install the temperature sensor and fill the cooling system with coolant but it did start and ran pretty smooth with no check engine lights coming on once it started. 

That was all I did on the van today.

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