Friday, April 14, 2017

A Couple of Days Goofing Off and the TBI Kit Arrives


Goofing Off.

Wednesday and Thursday were kind of slow. I have been just checking out and organizing what I would do when the TBI kit gets here.
I bought some steel tubing for the fuel return line and some ‘hard to get’ clips and rod connectors for the throttle linkage.

On Wednesday I went with Patti to the eye doctors so she could get some measurements done and a good inspection of her eyes before she has cataract surgery on June 1st.

The TBI Kit Arrives

Thursday, in the late afternoon the TBI kit arrived. I unpacked the box and found a lot of parts and one amazing wiring harness.


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to convince the guy I ordered the kit from that I needed a cable connection on the throttle body. I will have to fix that.

Today, I will start with the installation of the electric fuel pump and fuel lines.

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