Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A quick ride to the Cabin.

It was supposed to rain off and on Tuesday so I decided to take a ride to the cabin, just for the day, to check things out.
It is the first chance that I have had to get up there since we got back from AZ and I was chomping at the bit.

On the Road

I was on the road by 9:30
It was a nice green ride on 128, with some rainy spots.


Once I got to Boonville I stopped at the store to get a sandwich for lunch. They make good deli sandwiches at the Boonville Market.

Once I had lunch taken care of I continued toward the cabin.

Peachland Road.

Peachland Road is open but in poor shape; lots of pot holes, small slides, and deep puddles.
The worst spot is this slide. The road here is pretty narrow but wide enough for this truck to get through.


There is another spot where the road has slumped about a foot or more, for a distance of twenty-five or thirty feet.

Cold at the Cabin

Eventually I got to the cabin.
It was raining lightly and it was very cold. The first thing I did was to get a fire going in the wood stove.


While the cabin was warming up I took a little walk around the compound.

I noticed that Dave had done a good job repairing the roof on the wash house.


There is plenty of water coming out of the overflow for the cabin spring.


I went back in the cabin to warm up and sat in front of the stove enjoying the heat for a while. Eventually I decided to eat the sandwich I bought at the Market. I brought a couple of envelopes of cocoa with me so I heated some water for a cup of hot cocoa to go with the sandwich.

After lunch I drove the jeep up the hill to check out the springs.

Everything looked good at the barrels and there was a good amount of water coming out of the overflow.


The crossing is holding up nicely.


I drove up to the trailhead and parked the jeep.


I had to move a few limbs to clear the trail.


That’s better.


I walked out the trail, crossed the creek and came to where the plastic pipe comes down from the spring to the barrels. When I stopped to look at the pipe I heard water spraying out not far away.
When I checked it out, I found there were several places along the pipe where squirrels had chewed holes in it and water was spraying out.


I went back to the cabin to see what I could find to fix the pipe. As it turned out there wasn’t much. All I could come up with was some electrical tape, some duct tape and a length of 1” plastic pipe.  What I needed was 1/2” pipe and some connectors.

I took what I had and went back up the hill to the leaky pipes.
I had to cut out sections of the pipe as the holes were spread apart.
I wrapped the ends of the 1/2” pipe with the electrical tape and then stuffed the 1/2” pipe into the 1” pipe. Then I tried taping around the connection with the duct tape but everything was too wet for the duct tape to work. 


I managed to slow down the leaks but I’ll have to come back with some 1/2” pipe and barb connectors to fix the leaks.

I went back to the cabin and hung out enjoying the fire until it was burned out, around 4:30.
It was time to go home since I promised Patti I would be home by dark. 

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