Friday, April 7, 2017

RV in Storage and a Visit With Bob.


RV in Storage.

By Wednesday afternoon we had the RV unpacked.
The place where we store it is closed on Wednesday so yesterday (Thursday)  morning around 9:30 I drove the RV to where we have it stored and put it away for the summer.

TBI for the Van.

I have decided to put a Throttle Body fuel Injection system on the engine in my 1968 Chevy van.
This will solve some issues with the van and modernize the system.

A Visit With Bob.

My friend Bob (who also has an old Chevy van) has already put a TBI system on his vans original 6 cylinder engine. He has since replaced the 6 with a 350 V8.
When he did so he swapped the TBI from the 6 to the V8.

Here is the TBI on the V8.

Bob has had some experience with this system so I needed to pick his brain and see what he has done.
He also had a bunch of parts from his old 6 cylinder that I can use on mine.

Bob also had some questions about how the charging system was working on his van and wanted to compare the two. Therefore, I drove my van to his place and we spent the day looking at and talking about Charging systems (As it turned out both systems are working the same) and the fine points of converting from a carburetor system to a TBI on the vans.
I took some notes and a couple of pictures. I think I have a better idea of what to do than I did before.

I better have, because I ordered the TBI kit this morning.

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