Sunday, April 9, 2017

TBI Project.

Clean the Engine.

The first thing I had to do was to take the van to a self service car wash and clean some of the grease of the engine.

Pulling the Manifold.

The next thing to do was to pull the exhaust/intake manifold of the engine.

Here is the engine with everything still on it.


I removed the air cleaner. You can see the manifold and carburetor.


Next I had to disconnect the exhaust pipe and remove the Manifold.


This is the new manifold that I will install today.


Oxygen Sensor Hole.

Bob gave me the old exhaust system from his old engine as it has the hole in the pipe for the oxygen sensor. Unfortunately the threads in the hole were pretty badly buggered. I had to buy a thread chaser that was the right size and thread pitch for the o2 sensor.

This is the hole with the thread chaser in it.


Here are the threads after using the thread chaser. The threads still look a little ragged but they should work.


That is as far as I got on the project yesterday.
Today I will install the Manifold.

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