Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cleaning Up and Welding the Exhaust Pipe

Cleaning up.

The TBI job Is finished so now I have to clean up all the tools and stuff that I used for the job. That took most of the morning.

Around 2:00 Bob stopped by to check out the TBI job and pronounced it good. We visited for a couple of hours.

Welding the Exhaust Pipe.

Around 9:30 yesterday, I took the van to Jonnie Franklins muffler shop and got them to check out my muffler to make sure it was in good shape. The muffler was good so I had them weld the short piece of exhaust pipe that I had clamped in place.


It took about 20 minutes to do the welding and cost me $25.00.
Not bad.Smile

Cards and supper.

Around 4:30 we went up to Windsor to visit with Joanne and Dave. We went to supper at a place called KC’s. It’s a little pricy but pretty good food.

After supper we went back to J&D’s and played cards until
around 9:30, then went home.

What’s next?

Now that that project is done I am going to goof off for a couple of days before I start removing the springs so they can be shortened.

I need to take a large rug to the cabin and will need to use the van to do so. I’m not sure when I will do that.
The cabin will be in use this weekend but I may go up there tomorrow for the day. I can take the rug up there then and leave it in the dining hall until I can get back there to install the rug in the cabin. The rug is 10’ 6” X 13’ and should cover the floor like wall to wall carpeting.
Then I can start on the springs next weekend.

Okay, That’s it for now.


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