Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Waterton Lakes National Peace Park 07-26-14

We headed east on Canada 3 to Cowley where we turned south on Canada 6 to Waterton Lakes.

Our first stop was Lundbreck Falls.


There was a guy fishing in the pool; you can just see him (lower right). While we were there he caught a nice trout.

You can see another fisherman between the pillars on the left side of this bridge.


We continued our trip east, driving past fields of either mustard or canola and hundreds of wind mills blighting the scenery.


When we got to Cowley we turned south and drove through more rolling farm land with the front range of the Rockies in the background.


Eventually we arrived at Waterton Lakes.


Driving into the park you have a beautiful view of the mountains.


Our first stop in the park was the Prince of Wales Hotel.

The lobby of the hotel is pretty impressive.


We wandered around the lobby and gift shop for a while, then we headed to the small community of Waterton Lake.


It was very windy as you can see by the waves on the lake.


On the way to the town we passed this pretty waterfall.


The town is quite picturesque with some really nice homes.


Roy and I went to a coffee shop to wait for the Ladies who were perusing the gift shops.


We left the town heading for Red Rock Canyon enjoying views of the mountains.


Eventually we arrived at Red Rock Canyon.


Patti got this cool picture of the rocks on the bottom of the stream.


We left Red Rock Canyon and drove to a campground near there to find a place out of the wind to have lunch. We went into the campground and drove around for a while until we found an empty spot with a picnic table. We no sooner sat down to have lunch when an RV showed up and the driver informed us that we were in their camp spot.
We picked up our stuff and went in search of another spot for lunch.

While we were looking for an alternate spot we saw a deer walking through the woods.

The spot we found was actually better than the one we had to leave (less wind).


While we were eating, we were visited by one of the few wild creatures we have seen.


After lunch we headed back toward the park entrance. Along the way we saw a sign for the Buffalo Paddock. We turned onto this road and wound around some rolling hills. At first we didn’t see any buffalo but eventually we came to a spot where a few were grazing near the road.


There was one large bull in the group.


From the buffalo paddock we headed for home.
We went to dinner at a place called The Rum Runner. The food was good and the place was jumping.

Today we are going on some jeep trails.

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