Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More four wheeling in the Crowsnest 07-27-14

We left the RV park around 10:00 and headed west through Colman, Alberta.

The Rocky Mountains in the distance were spectacular.



About 5 miles past Colman we turned right onto a forest service road. We passed several ATV staging areas with lots of people camping and playing on the ATV trails.

From this road we could see a feature called the Eagles Eye


and some spires.


We drove a few more miles and took a trail up into the mountains.

The trail was interesting with something we don’t have to deal with in Arizona, “mud”.


We followed this trail until it became too narrow with brush pressing in on both sides of the vehicles. Since we didn’t know where the trail lead, when we came to a wide spot we turned around.

On the way back down the trail we saw these tracks in some wet sand.


We decided that they were wolf tracks.

Canada is famous for their wild life but so far we haven’t seen many of them, mostly just tracks and scat.

We got back to the main road and turned right looking for another trail to play on.

We turned off on one that looked promising and stopped in a sheltered clearing to have lunch.


After lunch we headed up the trail.


This trail was pretty interesting with a couple of creeks to ford. The creeks had bridges over them but the bridges weren’t designed for anything larger than an ATV.


The bypasses were interesting.


This one had a nice set of waterfalls.


There were some steep climbs


but at the top was a great view.


We continued along this trail until we came to an intersection. We spoke to a guy on a quad and he told us that the trail we were on would eventually enter an area of bugs and muskeg that he didn’t think the jeeps would make it through. After a bit of consultation we decided to head back the way we came.


Although we didn’t see any wild life, the country was beautiful and as usual there were lots of wild flowers.



It was a beautiful ride and we had a great time.
Even though we had to stop in Colman at a carwash to clean the mud off the jeeps.


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