Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Banff to Belleview, Alberta 07-24-14

Okay, I totally messed up the chronology of these last several posts. I hope you can figure out the order because I haven’t been able to change them.

We left the campground at Bow River Wednesday morning and headed south east toward the city of Calgary, Alberta. We came down out of the mountains


and into the foothills of the Rockies’.


We stopped at Cochran, Alberta (a suburb of Calgary) so Suzanne and Roy could get their mail from their daughter, Donna.


We had a late breakfast at a place called Smitty’s. After that we headed west toward the Crow’s Nest Pass.

We drove through rolling green hills.


We passed large fields of yellow flowers (mustard or canola)


and miles of rolling green hay fields.



This farmer must have had a massive ball cap collection.


They went on for about a mile.

We were headed back into the mountains.



Coming through all that farmland we smashed hundreds of bugs on the windshield so some of the pictures are a bit buggy.

We eventually came to the town of Belleview and the community RV park.


We will be here for a few days while we check out some trails off the Crows Nest Pass.

Last night we had a good thunder storm. It started just as we were finished having dinner outside.


It was a long day but now we can stay here for a while.

Happy Birthday Dina!

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