Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bellevue to Lethbridge Alberta 07-28-04

We got up early and got the motor home ready to travel. That means we had to dump the black and grey tanks and fill the fresh water. Once that was done and we had the jeep hooked up, we headed east on Canada 3. We dropped down out of the foothills and onto the prairie.
At Fort McCloud we stopped at the famous Tim Horton’s Coffee shop. Suzanne, Patti and Roy had lunch and I had donuts and coffee. From there we continued east until we came to Lethbridge. We pulled into the local Casino around 12:00 and set up in the parking lot.

Patti was out of Canadian money so I gave her $100.00 seed money.
After a couple of hours she had won $353.00 enough to pay me back the seed money and continue gambling. I dropped $20.00 into some machines and went back to the RV to work on yesterdays blog.

Around 4:30 we went back into the casino for dinner. The dinner was good and reasonably priced.
After loosing another $20.00 I went back to Plan B for a nap.

Patti came back around 7:30 and informed me that she was still $200.00 ahead.
Good Girl!

Lets see if her luck holds for another day as we will be here tomorrow.

Finding WIFI here has been difficult. We will be in the states in a couple of days so I hope my Verizon wireless will work.
Everytime I try it, it says that I am roaming $$$ so I don’t want to use it.

There are no pictures for today.

Tomorrow we are going to wander around Lethbridge with Suzanne and Roy and of course there will also be some gambling, I’m sure.


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