Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Moyie BC to Canmore, Alberta 07-22-14


We left Suzanne and Roy’s RV Park near Moyie, BC around 9:30 Monday morning heading for Alberta. We followed Suzanne and Roy in their RV heading across the Canadian Rockies. The first stop will be Canmore, Alberta.

The day started out cool with some big clouds hanging over the mountain tops.


We traveled north on Canada Hwy. 3/95 and across the Kootenay River.


We stopped at Columbia Lake.



We entered Kootenay National Park and drove through a real cool canyon right at the entrance.


Patti finally got a chance to take a picture of a Moose. She has been watching for one ever since we got to Canada.


We stopped at the Continental Divide to take some pictures.


After crossing the divide we entered Alberta.


When we entered Alberta we left Kootenay National Park and entered Banff National Park.

We drove through a couple of these tunnels and it took us a while to figure out what they were for.


They are there to allow animals to cross the highway. The sides of the road are lined with a high fence that keeps them from getting onto the highway. The fence goes over the tunnels.

The mountains are really spectacular. Check out this one, look at the way the wind had blown the clouds off the face of the crag.



We stopped at a campground near Canmore. We got set up and went into town for an early dinner.


The restaurant was called the Wood Restaurant and Lounge. Suzanne and Roy bought us a welcome to Alberta dinner. The food was good. Thanks Suzanne and Roy.

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