Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Four wheeling in the Crows-Nest Pass 07-25-14

Yesterday morning we headed west to the town of Coleman where we topped off the jeeps. On the way we passed through Frank’s Slide. It is a huge rock slide that wiped out an entire town. The only survivor was an infant.


From there we got on Kananaskis Rd, which is a wide graded gravel road.


We followed it for a couple of miles until we came to a trail going off to our left up into the forest.


This  trail ended at the edge of a reforestation area. We turned around and went back to the main road.

We found another trail and tried it.


The next trail ended when the foliage closed in on the vehicles.


Back on the main road we continued along the main road. We passed this sign.


Do you know what a Texas gate is? Yeah, that’s right, it is a cattle guard. Go figure.


We continued our drive on the main road until we came to a place where they had freshly oiled the road. We decided that we would turn around here. We had passed an other wide road going off to the west. We followed this road until we found a likely looking trail and turned onto it. This trail was a lot more interesting.


We forded a stream


and climbed a couple of steep grades.



The trail continued through the mountains.


It was very windy. We were looking for a spot out of wind for lunch; unfortunately there weren’t many to choose from.


After lunch we started back toward the main road. Before we went to far it started raining.


On the way back to the RV’s we went through the town of Blairmore.
We stopped at a Home Hardware store where I bought a small gas barbeque.

We fixed a couple of steaks for dinner and took them to Suzanne and Roy’s to eat and play cards.

Today we are going south to Waterton Lakes NP.

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