Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A day In Lethbridge, Alberta 07-29-14

We spent the day just hanging out. Suzanne and Roy took us for a little tour of Lethbridge.
We saw the visitors center and dump station. They drove us around town pointing out points of interest.

One site in particular was the tallest railroad bridge in the world.


Unfortunately we forgot to take the camera with us. This picture was taken from a magazine.

We had an early dinner at Suzanne and Roy’s favorite chinese restaurant. The food was excellent and the service was good.

After dinner we returned to the Casino.
Patti and Suzanne went into the casino to try their luck.
Patti lost all of her previous winnings. Suzanne won big again; she is very lucky at gambling. 
After a short nap I went in to see how Patti was doing. We both lost some more money  :o(

In the evening we sat around outside S&R’s RV visiting with Suzanne, Roy and their son Mark.


Around 10:00 pm Mark left and we went to bed.

We are heading south this morning and hope to spend the night at Glacier National Park.

Happy Birthday Mark!!  We had an absolutely wonderful time withy Suzanne and Roy!! Thank you so much guys!

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