Thursday, January 31, 2013


Okay, I am a couple of days late writing this blog.

Tuesday was a day for ordering parts for the jeep.
I ordered a new front drive shaft because the yoke on the old one is warn out and the shaft wobbles. I ordered a new valve cover and gasket as the old one has cracks at the mounting bolts and a new exhaust manifold because the old one is cracked. All these parts should come in next week.
Patti and Becky went to the rec hall to play bingo Tuesday night.

We went on the Wednesday ride with 8 other jeeps.
This time we met at the fire station and headed for Parker.


We stopped in Parker to top off the fuel tanks.


Then we crossed the Colorado river and drove along the North side of the river


where we stopped at an ATV park.


We were to meet Tom’s brother-in-law “Babe” at the ATV park for a ride to see a year round creek and waterfall. Now a year round creek in this part of the desert is a rare sight and very precious.

About forty-three years ago I was wandering around this area in my VW bus and came across this creek. I have looked for it several times since but could never find it so I was excited to see the creek again.

From the ATV parking lot we headed over the hills on a trail that I don’t think I could go over in the VW.

Eventually we turned up a trail


that crossed the creek several times.


After going up a long hill we came to the waterfall we were looking for.



Nothing looked like I remember it but after 43 years I’m not to surprised.

The view up the canyon was enticing but the trail was blocked so we couldn’t go any further

After spending some time enjoying the view and taking pictures we headed back down the trail to a spot near the highway where the creek disappears into the sand.
We stopped for lunch there.


When we were about to leave, a cop pulled up on the highway and told us via his PA that we had to leave because we were trespassing on water department property. It would have been nice if they had put some signs on the trail to let people know it was a restricted area.

On the way out Dennis (white jeep) decided that he wanted to try climbing a pile of boulders. IMGP2270

It took a few attempts,

he finally made it.
After watching his struggles no one else wanted to attempt the climb.
We continued back along the trail and stopped to play on some sandy hills.

While we were playing we saw some wild burros.


From the sand hills we drove back to the highway and headed for home.
It was a pretty good day for wild life, as well as the burros,  we counted 27 hawks on the power lines between Quartzsite and Parker.

It was another good ride.  

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