Friday, January 11, 2013

01-11-13 Continued

The temperature warmed up a little today.

I used the soapy water test on the exhaust system on the jeep. I squirted soapy water on every flange and connection I could find around the exhaust system. Started the engine and looked for bubbles but found none. The exhaust manifold is covered by a heat shield so I couldn’t actually see the manifold but when I squirted the soapy water under the heat shield I noticed some bubbles coming out of a seam in the heat shield. By then the manifold was too hot to continue but with what I saw I am thinking that the manifold has a crack in it.

Later in the day we went to Blythe where I returned a pond pump that I bought at Ace hardware. It was too small for what I wanted to do.
While we were in Blythe I had the tires on the jeep balanced. That took care of a bad high speed shimmy we were experiencing.

I also got a flue shot at Rite Aid. That took almost as long as getting the tires balanced. Paperwork you know.

I heard from Allen at 4wheel parts. He said that he had sent the seals to their store in Phoenix and that the manager of that store will contact me next week to set up an appointment to have the rear out put shaft seal replaced. I hope this takes care of the leak because the under side of the jeep is getting bathed in ATF.
I hate oil leaks!!

Tomorrow we are going on a ride to try and find the place we were looking for on Wednesday.

More Later.

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