Monday, January 14, 2013


When things get boring, The bored go shopping.

It warmed up a little. When I got up this morning at 7:30 I checked the temperature and it was 28 degrees. The pond was frozen again and a strong wind blew out of the North.
We stayed in doors and I started a pork stew in the crock pot. Around 11:30 we decided to take a ride to Parker to have lunch at The Cross Roads Restaurant and do some shopping.

After lunch we went to Wal Mart. It was so crowded (I guess all the other bored people had the same idea) that we left Wal Mart with out even trying to shop. Instead we went across the street to Safeway and did our shopping there. After getting what we needed at Safeway, we went to the Napa Auto Parts so I could get a few things. We stopped at the post office so Patti could post a letter then headed for home. We got home around 2:30. I noticed that the pond had thawed a little.

Dave was home from Blythe so I went over to their place to enquire as to how he made out at Alex’s tire shop. As it turned out Alex agreed to take back the Hankooks and order the BFG’s that Dave hade originally wanted. That is why we do business with Alex, he is fair and honest. Those are qualities that are rare in business’s these days.

The stew was ready by 6:00 and was delicious.

The high temperature today was about 45 degrees.

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