Friday, January 25, 2013


Yesterday was cool and cloudy all day.
I sprayed some of that “Awesome” degreaser on the under side of the jeep paying special attention to the rear differential and transfer case. After I had it pretty well covered i took the jeep to the wash stand in our park and hosed it off with the high pressure sprayer. While I was there I went ahead and washed the outside of the jeep using the same product. It worked pretty well.

This morning we are going out for breakfast.
Later we will drive to Blythe to see if the leaks are fixed. While we are there we will go to the Dollar Store and buy some more “Awesome” and do some other shopping.
I am thinking of going to the car wash and cleaning off the engine. They have hot water at the car wash so I think it will remove the oil and dirt more efficiently. I will also try some of the awesome on the engine. The stuff seems to work very well and it’s only a dollar a bottle.

It is supposed to start raining this afternoon and continue off and on for a couple of days. 

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