Friday, January 18, 2013


Today we took a short ride out to the mountains on the North side of I-10 at Gold Nugget Road, about six miles East of town. The reason for the trip was to let Becky and Jo Ann look for Desert Rose. We followed a couple of rocky trails into the hills.


We stopped at one spot where we saw this Saguaro with an arrow through it.


This is the second time we we have seen a saguaro with an arrow stuck through it. The other one was in the desert North of the town of Brenda

Eventually we came to the area where they wanted to rock pick. We pulled off on a flat where we set up our chairs


and let the ladies rummage around in the desert looking for the rocks.


Eventually they wandered off into the bush and Dennis decided to track them down. After he got off the phone.

The rest of us just hung out enjoying the warm sunshine.

He eventually found Becky and Jo Ann rummaging around in the bushes with their buckets.

After a while Patti, Dave and I decided to find them and headed down the trail. We had to do some cross country driving through washes and bouncing over rocks until we caught up with them. We sat around for a little bit having a snack before we decided to head for home.

Becky and Jo Ann ended up with a half bucket of stones each.


We headed back to town around 3:30

Patti, Debbie and I went to La Casa del Rancho for dinner.


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