Sunday, January 27, 2013


We have been shut-ins for the last couple of days. It has been raining and several of our friends have had the crud.

Friday I called Tom Woods custom drivelines to order a new front drive shaft and was told that I had to measure the driveline with the springs at full extension and at rest. The guy also said if I could to measure the driveline with the springs compressed that would be good too. I don’t know how to do that so they will have to work with the measurements I’ve got. It was raining Friday and continued all day Saturday.

Today the rain stopped so I jacked up the front end and measured the drive shaft 41-1/2 inches extended. Then I let the jeep back down and took another measurement 40 inches. Now that I have the measurements I can order the new front driveline.

Every one is developing a serious case of cabin fever or RV fever. The weather is getting better so tomorrow we are going for a jeep ride.

I guess I’ll order the drive shaft on Tuesday. 
Also, I will have to order a new valve cover. I have been trying to find a metal one on the internet (steel or aluminum) but all I can come up with is plastic. I’m going to call Quadratec and see what they can come up with.


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