Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year

At this time it is 34 degrees out side.

We didn’t do a lot yesterday.
I took Patti out to breakfast at the Mountain Quail.
When we got back I fixed the wind
shield wipers. The plug had just come out of the fuse block . That was easy!

I did the blog.

Patti and I did a little shopping.

I measured the front drive line on the jeep so I will have the info when I order a new one.

I attempted to straighten out the dent in the right rear of the jeep but there isn’t anything to pry against. I got most of it pulled out though.
I want to remove the sway bar links but I don’t have a jack that is tall enough to lift the body so I went over to Dennis’s to see if he has a floor jack. When I got there I smelled a strong sent of Propane gas. I mentioned it to Dennis and we started checking it out. It turned out that he had just had his 25 gallon auxiliary tank filled and the propane guy had over filled it and it was sitting in the sun. Of course the gas in the tank had expanded and was leaking out of the over pressure relief valve. We bled off the extra pressure and that took care of the problem.
Unfortunately Dennis did not have a floor jack.

I decided to just use my bottle jack and jack stands to lift the jeep. It was getting to late to start the job so I will work on it today.

We will be going on a jeep ride tomorrow so stay tuned.  

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