Saturday, January 19, 2013


Today’s ride took us back to the Ramsey Mine Road.

We met at the Arco station on the East end of Quartzsite.


There were nine jeeps in the group this time. That is the largest group that I have led to date.
We left the Arco station at 9:00 and headed East on I-10 to 
SR-60 where we exited and continued East on 60 to Ramsey Mine Road where we turned South. As soon as we were on Ramsey Mine Road we stopped so that those who wanted to air down could do so.


We continued down Ramsey Mine Road, over the freeway and then we turned South at the kiosk. We followed this road about a mile and turned South going through a quarry and found the trail that goes around the East side of the Twin Peaks.

We continued on this trail until we came to the wash that goes to the trail where Dave had his flat tire.


The idea was to stop there for a while so that those who wished could scour the surrounding area for Desert Rose.

There was plenty of desert rose to go around. Everyone who wanted to, found several specimens.

After a while we continued on our trek. We drove over the hill


and back to the main trail.


We traveled along the trail enjoying the scenery.


Eventually we came to the wash that goes to the mine area where the wall of Crisocola is.

A short way up the wash we stopped to let the folks investigate a narrow side canyon.

We walked up the canyon to where it ended in a steep waterfall.


When everyone was out of the canyon we continued along the wash to the trail that goes up to the blue wall. This trail goes up in two levels. The first level is a high valley

where we stopped for lunch.


After lunch we drove up to the next level where everyone rummaged around looking at rocks and then we took some group photos.

From there we drove back down the mountain


to the wash and headed for home. 
Becky, Dennis, Jo Ann, Dave, Patti and I went to the Mountain Quail Cafe for the Saturday Prime Rib special. The rib was good but a much thinner cut than usual. I think that they are trying to stretch out their supply while the town is full of tourists. We will see what happens after the tourists leave in a couple of weeks.

It was a great day and everyone enjoyed the ride.

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