Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Yesterday (Tuesday) we drove Yuma to see Dianne at the hospital. She wasn’t much improved from the last time we visited her.
We stayed with her for a couple of hours. Before we left we talked to her doctor he said that they were going to move her to a nursing home. He also said that there was nothing they could do for her except keep her comfortable until the end but he didn’t have any idea when that would be. After we left she was moved to the nursing home.

Today we took a ride to the Ramsey Mine area. There were eight jeeps in the group and we met at the Arco station at the east end of town around 10:00. When everyone was there we headed east on I-10 to the exit to SR 60 we followed 60 to the Ramsey Mine turn off. We headed south to the mine diggings.

We wandered around there for a while looking at the workings. There is a tunnel under the ore shoot but it had a gate across it with a keep out sign on it.


We climbed up the hill behind the shoot and found a couple of vertical shafts. Both of them were fenced off with keep out signs on them also.



There was also what looked like a powder safe on the hill side.


From the mine, we drove over the hill to look for a place that I had been to before.
We stopped at look out rock to take a look around.



Not everyone came up for the view.


A little further down the road we picked up a hitch hiker.


Eventually we must have gotten to his stop because he jumped off.

We continued on our way and turned down a road,


crossed a wash where we had lunch.


When we left here I should have turned left but got confused and turned right instead. We spent the rest of the day wandering around looking for a mine that I was trying to lead everyone to. We never did find it and I didn’t realize my mistake until I got home.
Oh well, we had a good time anyway.

Patti got a picture of the only wild life we saw besides the grass hopper that hitched a ride on our hood.


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