Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We took a jeep ride out to the North end of the Plomosa mountains yesterday. There was no destination in mind, we just wandered around in the hills.
There were four jeeps in the group.
Dave was alone because Jo Ann is still under the weather. Becky and Dennis were there, as well as Sue and Denis.
We left the park around 10:00 and headed North on 95 to Plomosa Road where we drove Northeast toward Bouse. Near mile post 12 we turned West and after airing down we headed into the red rock hills.


We drove over the hills,


across gullies 


and up and down washes.

After negotiating a small obstacle in one wash


we stopped for lunch.


From there we continued down the wash until we came to a trail crossing it.

We turned onto the trail heading West and meandered making large circles and figure eights.


until we passed around the West side of the Four Peaks.


North of the peaks we came to a small dam. We have been here several times before but it has always been dry. Thanks to the recent rains there was water in it this time.


After leaving the dam we turned up a narrow wash


and drove for about a mile until the wash became totally impassible.

We turned around and headed back to the “main” trail. We headed back toward Plomosa Road taking a few side trips along the way.
Patti tried taking this picture through the back window of the jeep.

It is a little fuzzy but it show’s this gap in the rocks that we drove through.

Eventually we made it back to the highway and headed for home.
Becky, Dennis, Patti and I stopped for a fish dinner at the Grubstake. It was good, as always.

It was great to get out after several days hanging out in the RV’s

Patti took this picture of a new detail that Dennis, an ex Rhino owner, had painted on his jeep.


Cute, eh!


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