Friday, January 4, 2013


The weather is clear and cold this morning. The temp at 8:00 is 28 degrees.

We didn’t go anywhere yesterday.
The alternator belt on the jeep was making noise so I tightened it up. That took care of that.

A couple days ago I found that the dome in the shower had fallen down. It was only hanging by two screws.


I got some longer screws and fixed that.

Patti and I did some shopping. While we were out we stopped at the local bakery to get a couple of doughnuts. The bakery is under new management. It used to be really good but the quality has dropped considerably. I got a chocolate custard filled Bismarck. Instead of being light and fluffy it was kind of dense like a bread role. Patti got an apple fritter and it was flat like a pan cake. The lady that waited on us was complaining about not having much business.
Hmmm I wonder why.

Last night we played cards with Becky, Dennis, Cheryl, Dennis,  Dave and Jo Ann. As usual we had a good time but as we were playing in Dennis’s Arizona room it got pretty cold even with a double propane heater going. It was 38 degrees when we got back to our RV. Burrrrrr!


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