Friday, February 1, 2013


Yesterday we began the erection of a carport/Arizona room for Walt one of our older neighbors.

I got on the scene a little late but was in time to lend a hand.

They had the roof structure completed on the ground but ran out of panels.


We got a bunch of guys together and lifted the whole thing up


and put it on the support posts.  

Once we got one side up we lifted the other side


and inserted the support poles on that side. Then it was a matter of aligning the carport with the shed in back.

We staked down the supports and installed cabling to stiffen the building and hold it down when the wind blows.

This morning we put the last panels on the roof and hung the sides


and  the garage door.


The stiffening cables in the above picture will be removed temporarily to allow entry until they can get a door sewn in the side panel.

This afternoon I am going to help Dennis hook up the new winch on his jeep.

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