Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The last couple of days have been a little slow.
Yesterday I did some work on the pond pump. I went to Herb’s Hardware to get some fittings to extend the input to the pump.
While I was working on that I had to move a bunch of rocks along the side of the pond to hide the hose. There was no sign of Flash.

I worked on a couple of electrical problems on the jeep.
The windshield wiper is plugged into the fuse block but keeps shaking loose. I tried to reseat it but it didn’t go very far into the block. We will see if it rattles loose again.

The emergency brake indicator light some times won’t go out. I took a look at the connection and the switch but couldn’t find anything wrong with them. I repositioned the wire. It is working now. We will see if it stay’s on again.

Today was laundry day for Patti and House work day for me.
It was bright and sunny but the wind was very cold so we didn’t do much outside.

We have a plastic frog in the pond and Patti noticed that it was turned upside-down so maybe Flash was moving around and turned it over. 

Tomorrow we are going on a jeep ride somewhere south of Blythe.

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