Saturday, February 23, 2013


Friday was pretty low key.  I went to Herb’s Hardware to get some hose for the pond pump. The original hose kept crimping so I bought some that is reinforced. I also bought some hose to extend the filter so I can put it on the opposite end of the pond from the pump. Hopefully that will cause better water circulation. The only problem is, the hose I bought was two small. I will have to get a small piece  of larger hose and some reducer fittings.
When I pulled the rocks away from in front of the pump I found “Flash” the turtle. We are very happy to find it alive.

Today we went with a bunch of our friends to a casino near Lake Havasu City to celebrate Sue’s 55th birthday.

We had to take a boat to get there. The boat left from a dock just north of the London Bridge.


The boat was a large Catamaran.

It was about a twenty minute ride to the casino.

You can tell by the pictures that we weren’t having any fun.

We had lunch at the casino.


After lunch everyone except Dennis, Denis and I went into the casino to Gamble.
I found a bench in the sun and communed with nature until they were done loosing their money.

It turned out to be another good day.

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