Thursday, February 7, 2013


We met at the Arco station at the east end of town around 9:00 for a ride into the Kofa wildlife preserve. 
Just as a gag, Dennis and Becky showed up in their Freightliner.


They weren’t  going with us this morning as they had to leave for California for a week or so to work on their vineyard.

There were four jeeps in the group.
We were going to make a loop through the northeast section of the preserve which is one of my favorite rides in the Kofa.

A little after 9:00 we got on the road. We headed east on I-10 for 26 miles to the Vicksburg Road turnoff where we topped off our fuel tanks at the Zip station.

From there we drove south on Vicksburg Road for 7 miles to the Pipeline Road where we turned west and stopped to air down. Since I was leading the expedition I put my signs on the jeep.

We continued west into the Kofa. 
At intersection 14 we turned South toward Big Horne Pass. The first part of the trail is relatively flat


but the scenery is very nice.



Eventually we got to the mountains and began the climb up toward the pass.
Although this spot looks like fun, unfortunately it isn’t part of the trail.

this is the trail.


We worked our way up through the mountains and over Bighorn Pass. 


On the other side of the pass we stopped for lunch at the Wilbanks Cabin.


This is the original roof on the porch. It is made from Ocotillo branches.


Can you imagine working with this kind of material.

After lunch we drove east in the wash then up the hills to the Hoodoo Hilton where we stopped for a short visit to let everyone check out the cabin.


This is a great place to spent the night. Patti and I have slept here twice.

We left the Hilton and we went up Red Rock Pass


and down the other side to the Pipe Line Road 


Once we hit the Pipe Line Road it was just a matter of driving back to Vicksburg Road and then to the freeway and home.
We stopped at Silly Al’s for a Pizza.

It was another great ride!

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