Friday, February 8, 2013


Yesterday was a day for puttering.
The weather was fine. I think it got over 75 in the afternoon.

I decided to organize the shed.
It had gotten to the point where there was just a thin trail from the door to the work bench. I pulled a lot of the stuff out and reorganized it so now I have room to work on at the bench.

My first repair job was to try and get the 4-1/2” angle grinder to turn off. The switch was stuck. I disassembled the grinder and found that I only had to remove the back end to get to the switch.
Anyway, I never found exactly what the problem was but after working the switch back and forth several times I reassembled the grinder. Now it works just fine.
That is called the laying on of hands phenomenon. :0) 
Some times inanimate objects just need to know that you are there and paying attention to them.

In the evening we went to Cheryl and Dennis’s (White jeep) to play cards. Jo Ann and Dave, Bill and Shirley, were also there.
It was fun, as usual.

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