Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Around 9:00 I took the jeep back to the shop so they could finish the work on the exhaust system.

Bob came by around 11:30. We took a ride with Dave in his jeep to check out Bills gold claim. I forgot to take my camera. Oops! We sat around there for a while and watched Bill pan some gold. He may have gotten a half dozen small flakes.
After an hour or so we left the claim and went home.

We hung out here for a while and then Bob and I took a ride in his van to Crystal Hill.
Crystal Hill is a small mountain in the Kofa reserve.


There is a campground at the base of the mountain. 
Some people camp there and scour the hill for crystals. It is pretty picked over and no use of tools is allowed.
To get there we headed south on


95 for about 11 miles where we turned east on the Pipeline road.


We drove for about 5 miles until we came to the entrance to the camp ground.
As we entered the campground, the check engine light on Bob’s van came on and the engine began to race.
Bob pulled the van into the shade of a Palo-Verde tree. As it turned out the problem was fairly simple. The air intake had come loose.

While we were there I got a call from Patti saying that the jeep was ready. 
After Bob got the van back together,
we headed back to town and picked up the jeep. It seems to be working fine for now.

Patti and I are going to Lake Havasu City today to see if we can get a turtle for the pond and do some other shopping.


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