Saturday, February 16, 2013


Thursday morning; I took the jeep in to “Best Auto Repair” to get the exhaust manifold replaced.

My friend Bob from California showed up Thursday afternoon.

By 5:00; the jeep was not ready yet.

Patti and I went with Jo Ann, Dave, Shirley and Bill to Cheryl and Dennis’s house for a finger-food potluck and cards. 
We had a lot of fun.

Friday; Bob came by around 11:00. He has been camping just outside the northeast corner of town.
We took a ride in his van to check out some other areas for him to camp.
We got back around 3:30. The jeep still isn’t ready.
At 5:00 we drove over to Best Auto to see how it was coming. They said that they still had some work to do but would have it done before they closed.
Around 6:30 we got a call from Best. The jeep was done.
They had gotten the Manifold replaced but didn’t get the tail pipe welded or the hangers rehung.

Bob took me over to pick up the jeep.
I will have to take it in Monday morning so they can finish the job.

Becky and Dennis returned from California around 6:00.

It was really nice to see them back home, safe and sound.

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